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      Unlandable Cove is a location to search with Toothless in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk. It first appeared in the game, DreamWorks Dragons: Wild Skies, however.

Official Description

Spiked rocks jutting out of a cloak of fog make this cove virtually impenetrable from the air. But it is the perfect refuge for the underwater Scauldron!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


This location, a collection of sea stacks and spiked rocks, is surrounded by a ring of cliffs. Within the ring, is a peaceful, lush green area dominated by plants. It is said to be shrouded in fog. A small island within the ring appears to have two cracked stone monuments that resemble Vikings.



DreamWorks Dragons: Wild Skies

In the game, the player can train the Deadly Nadder and Changewing. Also, Fire Weed and Honey Comb can be harvested here.

Dragons: Rise of Berk



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