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This page contains dragon species that are, as of yet, unidentified. These dragons come from many different sources, from concept art to dragons that aren't named in the films. These dragons are all listed below.

Concept Art Dragons

Many concept art dragons that were made for How to Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World can't be connected to any of the dragons that appear in the movie. These dragons have never been seen outside of these pieces of concept art (so far).

Dragons from Hiccup's map

During his travels, Hiccup has discovered many new species of dragons. He has recorded the location of these dragons on his map. Some of these dragons were previously seen in concept art for the movies. It was later confirmed that some of these dragons are actual, existing species in the franchise, while others were placed there only for artistic purposes.[1]

In the Making of How to Train Your Dragon 2[2], an earlier version of Hiccup's map can be seen, that appears to showcase fewer dragons then the final design, which alludes to Hamilton's tweet regarding real species, and filler art. This image is also in English, which offers a view at these dragons' unaltered names (many of which are the same as shown in the images below). The listed dragons are:

Hiccups Map Concept.png
  • Dashwing
  • Deadly Nadder
  • Furnace
  • Green Thunder
  • Gronckle
  • Krill
  • Night Fury
  • Nightmare
  • Scauldron
  • Sea Dragon (Submaripper)
  • Siren Sword (Sliquifier)
  • Terrible Terror
  • Timberjack
  • Typhoomerang
  • Tocherous Thunderfire
  • Whispering Death
  • Zippleback


  • This dragon's name was revealed by a piece of concept art in the Making of How to Train Your Dragon 2, seen above.


Dragon 1

  • This dragon is based on early concept arts of Cloudjumper.
  • Given this dragon was derived from the early form of the Stormcutter, it is possible it inherited the initial name of the species: Skyscreamer.

Dragon 2

Dragon 3

Dragon 4

Dragon 5

Dragon 6

Other dragons

Unnamed dragon species from the Films

Modular dragons.png

Apart from the Bewilderbeast, Stormcutter, Rumblehorn, Hotburple, Scuttleclaw, Seashocker, Hobblegrunt, Snafflefang, Raincutter, Thunderclaw, Windstriker, Thornridge, Snifflehunch, Shovelhelm, Threadtail, and the Windgnasher, four other unnamed dragon species have been seen in How to Train Your Dragon 2. These dragons were created using a modular system to mix and match preset body parts onto 2 basic models. Dragons 1, 2, the Snafflefang, the Thunderclaw, the Shovelhelm, the Windgnasher and the Snifflehunch are all created from the same body. Dragons 3, 4, the Thornridge, the Hobblegrunt, the Raincutter, the Windstriker and the Threadtail are all created from the same body.

There is a dragon species name that surfaced as a leaked info for How to Train Your Dragon 2. This name was copyrighted prior to the release of the movie: Cloudcutter.

The same unnamed dragons in How to Train Your Dragon 2 also appear in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Dragon 1

  • A bipedal version of Dragon 1 also appears to be the basis for the HTTYD Toy set "Toothless & Hiccup Vs. Armored Dragon Figures". Visit Amazon to view a purple version and a light green version.

Dragon 2

Dragon 3

Dragon 4

Dragon 5

Hazy images of a dragon with the body type of the Snifflehunch appear in the background of How to Train Your Dragon 2. It has a large, rounded sail on its back and a tail ending in a fork. One fan theory suggests it is an animation error for a Snifflehunch. However, it has a forked tail and all these dragons are designed with interchanging parts such as a sail back and forked tail. Another theory suggests it is a Snifflehunch with the ability to expand and hide a sail, though this is not mentioned anywhere officially, or on other media such as Dragons: Rise of Berk, where the Snifflehunch appears. This dragon also slightly resembles a Mudraker.

Dragon 6

In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, transparent and glowing dragon eggs are seen in the foreground of the Hidden World of dragons. Only the developing dragons are seen inside, and there is no indication what species they might be. Certain body parts of the dragons in the eggs indicate they might be Light Furies.

Interestingly, the design of these eggs are used for those of the Night Lights in the Facebook Messenger game Dragon Pets. However, as the Night Lights were only born after these eggs were seen in the film, these eggs cannot belong to them.

From Book of Dragons

Three unknown dragons are seen during a scene in the short film Book of Dragons.

Dragon 1

This dragon is very large and is entirely grey. It has several bumps on its back that look somewhat like plant buds. It seems to have two frills on either side of its head. This dragon has many eyes. Some are on its head, while others are on its two frills. This dragon's horns appear to have leaves on them. Its body seems to have a fur-like covering. Its neck and tail seem to have some kind of vine hanging down from them. This dragon has enormous wings. Its wings appear to be old and haggard, as several rips can be seen all along the wing's length.

Dragon 2

This dragon is mostly bluish in color and has a rotund body. It has two, long, thin, blue wings. This dragon has a wide mouth filled with many teeth. The teeth go all around this dragon's mouth. This dragon has what appears to be moss growing up its back. This moss grows from its neck to the start of its tail. This dragon also seems to have little plants growing off of the moss. This dragon has four, short legs and a long tail.

This dragon was later found to be yet another piece of Red Death concept art.

Dragon 3

This dragon has a very long snake-like body. It appears to be brown or white in color and has a very long snout, similar to the Shivertooth. Its body and face appear to be covered in spikes. It has only two legs with four finger on each, two little wings and a very long tail.

This dragon appears on various concept arts for How to Train Your Dragon 2.

From Dragons: Rescue Riders

A nest of dragon eggs appear in the episode "Summer Holiday". Their species is never mentioned and they don't resemble any other eggs that appear in the show.

The eggs are large and oval shaped. They have a light grey base and several light blue spots. They have a smooth surface.


School of Dragons

The face of an unknown dragon appears as one of the targets in the minigame Fireball Frenzy. The dragon's face is dark in color. It has yellow eyes and slitted pupils. Its mouth is lined with sharp teeth.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

A toy of a bipedal green dragon with yellow belly is an item that can be found with Toothless in explorations during Snoggletog.

Dragon Racers: The Dragon Berry Dash

Two varieties of dragons are seen as enemies in the game. They race against Hiccup and Toothless in the main game and carry power ups in certain minigames.


Hiccup's Toy

Hiccup's toy doesn't match the appearance of any known dragon species. It resembles a Night Fury but with the spiky crown of a Deadly Nadder


According to Richard Hamilton, the graphic novel The Fire Tides was to include a new dragon species named the 'Tormentipede'[3]. Unfortunately the graphic novel project was scrapped due to delays with previous graphic novels, and before an artist was assigned to it. Therefore no concept artwork or concrete description exists for this dragon other than the name.

Three-Eyed Dragon

In The Dragon Sheep Chronicles, "The Secret Sheep Society", the Sheep of Berk express their distress at the increasing number of dragons surrounding them. In the images of a group of hapless sheep surrounded by various types of dragons, there are two dragons that appear with three eyes, three striped horns on their face, and Zippleback-like rounded spines running down their backs. At least two rear legs are seen in the image, but it is unclear if they have forelegs or not. They do have a pair of small wings.

Unidentified dragon skulls

Several unknown dragon skulls are seen in the series. One is placed on the bow of all of the Outcast Tribe's ships. It appears similar to the head of a Moldruffle and may even be of the same species. Strangely, a different skull is seen on the bow of the Outcast ships in "Dangers of the Deep" and three more are seen on other Outcast ships in "The Legend of Ragnarok". Another skull is worn as a head cover by Skuld the Sorceress in "The Endless Night". Several skulls were seen on The Reaper, with two unknown skulls being inside dragon cages and three more being seen outside the cages. Another skull is briefly seen on the outside of Viggo Grimborn's tent. Another skull is seen inside Viggo's tent. It has the facial bumps and frill of a Windgnasher but has massive horns, a trait which the Windgnasher lacks. Two more unknown dragon skulls are seen on Drago Bludvist's ship, The Conqueror, in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Another unknown dragon skull is seen on a hideout decoration in School of Dragons, while another is seen as an object for the reader to search for in Look And Find: How to Train Your Dragon. In the game Dragons: Rise of Berk, there are skulls of unknown dragons decorating some dragons' roosts.

Look And Find: How to Train Your Dragon

In the first picture of this children's "Look and Find" book, the dragons are attacking Berk and stealing Sheep. All the dragons are recognizable as one Night Fury, Hideous Zipplebacks, Monstrous Nightmares, Gronckles, and Deadly Nadders, except one. This one has the color of Nadders in the picture, but has orange stripes and a single row of spines on the back of its head. Its head is shaped differently and appears to have front legs.

Another unknown dragon appears later in the book. It is seen as part of the drawings in Hiccup's workshop. It is depicted wearing a saddle. It is unknown what kind of dragon it is, but it does share parts of the Night Fury and the Deadly Nadder.