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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Whew! Thank you, old friend. This experience reminds me of the time I ran into a particularly unfriendly tribe far from here. It's a memory I would much rather forget. [src]
  Skulder the Archaeologist in School of Dragons  

The Unfriendly Tribe is a tribe that had a particularly aggressive encounter with Skulder the Archaeologist.


Encounter with the Archaeologist

At some point before the events of School of Dragons, at least some of the members of the Unfriendly Tribe met Skulder the Archaeologist during one of his explorations far away from his homeland of the Isle of Berk. The tribe acted particularly aggressively towards Skulder, but he was able to escape from them unscathed. Skulder would later relate the memory of this expedition while trapped in a cage by Harald Forkbeard on Mudraker Island, where he stated that he wished he could forget the memory of his expedition with the tribe.

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