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Tyree Treewalker is a character appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.


General for a New Employer

With the advent of Hiccup patrolling the Barbaric Archipelago and fighting on behalf of dragons, Tyree and many others get put out of a job. He seeks employment with a new group, the Dragonroot Company, where he becomes a general. He patrols the Wild Woodland region, and encounters Astrid and the player while agitating the local dragon population with toxins.

Physical Appearance

My you DO hit hard for a young lass. [src]
  — Tyree to Astrid  

Tyree is a large Viking man with a thick chest and arms. He wears a metal chest plate and Dragon Hunter-style helmet. The chest plate has a stylized sun emblem on it.


Tyree Treewalker places great stock in physical force. As such, he is of the notion that women are weaker, and doesn't believe Astrid Hofferson is up to par with her male Viking counterparts.



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