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Tuff! I know this is gonna be hard for you to hear, but I need you to hear it, so I'm just gonna say it. There comes a time in every Viking's life when they must give up the thing they love the most.
  Ruffnut Thorston  

"Twintuition" is the tenth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4. It was released on February 17, 2017. The name of the episode was first revealed in the Everything Geek Podcast interview with Douglas Sloan and Art Brown.


When the Twins journey to the Northern Markets to fix their prized mace, they end up stumbling onto a secret project by Viggo and the Dragon Hunters.
  — DreamworksTV[1]  


The Dragon Riders conduct tests on dragon proof chains to figure out its weakness. The Twins however believe in their "Twintuition" as Tuffnut grabs his beloved mace, Macey, and uses it to break it apart. The chains remain intact but Tuffnut's heavy blow shatters Macey. Which devastates him. Ruffnut can no longer deal with his brother's grief over a broken mace as he drags him to Hiccup during the night. Tuffnut begs Hiccup to repair it but is too tired to restart their forge and with Meatlug asleep. The Twins decide that the Northern Markets can provide their repairs at this time, but Hiccup sternly orders them not to go there since dragon hunters roam the island. The Twins typically do not listen and eagerly fly off, ignored by a patrolling Snotlout.

An iron mason notices the broken mace to be made of Gronckle Iron, and he mistakes the Twins' for dragon hunters by inquiring them on how they acquired it. Using their Twintuition, the Twins forged a false story about them having stolen it and then used it to eliminate the leading dragon rider, Hiccup himself. This quickly garners them popularity among the dragon hunters. Tuffnut revels retelling the story to the crowd, but Ruffnut notices that a dragon hunter quietly snatches Tuffnut's restored mace but is too late to stop him from boarding a dragon hunter ship. The Twins take out the guards and disguise themselves as hunters to enter below deck. They lose the hunter again when he enters a closed room and the Twins inadvertently find themselves as stowaways when the ship starts sailing.

The ship lands on a secret dragon hunter shipyard, where the Twins join assembling dragon hunters listening in on Viggo's speech. In it, Viggo expresses his confidence of victory when Project Shellfire nears completion. Afterwards, Ryker disperses them to return to work. Having learned of a secret operation, Ruffnut believes it's time to abandon Macey as they have more important priorities now, but Tuffnut refuses to abandon his cherished weapon therefore leaving Ruffnut to find Macey alone.

Hiccup learns of the Twins' having fled to the Northern Markets and quickly has the riders embark to their rescue. They bring the iron mason that repaired Tuffnut's mace into questioning. He reluctantly reveals that they may have ended up at Viggo's secret island base after hearing orders for all dragon hunters to be recalled there.

Tuffnut gets close enough to reach Macey, but Viggo beats him to it and questions the dragon hunter thief on how he acquired a gronckle iron weapon. The hunter confesses to have stolen it from two supposed dragon hunters with features similar to that of the Twins. Viggo sees the similarities and immediately has Ryker put the island on a state of high alert for possible infiltration of the dragon riders. Consequently, Ryker captures Ruffnut in the act and delivers him to Viggo. Meanwhile, Tuffnut continues to pursue the hunter carrying Macey. But he hears another hunter holding confidential plans about Project Shellfire, Tuffnut regretfully has to leave aside his love for Macey and learn the plans' contents. Tuffnut is in shock at the sheer scale of the operation before hiding from view as Viggo and Ryker walk by, having learned that the riders are approaching and they intend to use Ruffnut against them.

Tuffnut sees her sister tied up and guarded by dragon hunters but charges to her rescue. However, Tuffnut is forced back when more hunters arrive and tries to evade them. He ends up at a cliff where one dragon hunter remains which turns out to be the one wielding Macey. Tuffnut uses his hunter helmet to knock him out and finally takes Macey back. Tuffnut heads back for her sister, just as the other dragon riders fly past him. Viggo commences their trap by opening the floodgates that would soon drown Ruffnut. Hiccup sends Snotlout and Fishlegs to deal with Ruffnut's rescue while he and the rest battle the dragon hunters. But the dragon riders are soon pushed down to join Ruffnut inside the island's arena, therefore having Viggo finish the trap by caging the arena's roofs with dragon proof chains whilst they reopen the floodgates. Hiccup's only option of escape is to have all the dragons focus all their firepower on the dragon proof chains' center link and hope it breaks, but has to endure constant arrow fire from the hunters above.

Tuffnut joins the fight by going on an attacking frenzy with his mace. To buy the riders time, Tuffnut sacrifices Macey by throwing her, to jam the gears releasing more water. However, the dragons reach their limit in blasting the chains and Macey can no longer hold the pressure and is destroyed. Tuffnut reunites with a still freed Barf and Belch and together their added firepower is enough to finally fracture the chains. The riders quickly fly off to safety. Ryker urges to pursue them but Viggo doesn't want to waste time as he knows completing Project Shellfire is what matters.

The Twins hold a Viking funeral for the death of Macey. Ruffnut comforts his grieving brother, but has to confront Hiccup's ire for having disobeyed and endangering their lives. But Tuffnut is quick to justify their use of "Twintuition" as it has led them to bring back confidential blueprints of Viggo's secret operation. Hiccup could only speculate in worry as to what they're building fully encapsulates.

Some time later, Viggo stands atop a massive warship made of dragon-proof metal, sailing speedily on the ocean. Ryker angrily still views Viggo letting the riders fly free from their base a mistake, but it infuriates Viggo to strangle his brother's neck as he remains confident that everything is still according to plan. Viggo and Ryker head back inside the warship, where underneath it, a silhouette of a giant aquatic dragon appears supporting the vessel.





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  • Tuff gives Ruff the "tongue flick", which the twins introduced back in "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes".
  • Project Shellfire is revealed for the first time.
  • Macey is destroyed and the twins give her a Viking funeral.
  • When Ruff takes off the Hunter helmet to talk to Tuff, her small side braids are gone. They're still gone when Ryker figures out who she is and takes her helmet off. But suddenly when she's in Viggo's quartets, the braids are back.
  • Tuffnut's line, "I have two favorite things! Yak jerky and kicking butt! And I don't have any yak jerky on me!", is a direct reference to Roddy Piper's improvised line in the film They Live.
  • Fishlegs takes a deep breath and holds it when he goes to pull Ruffnut out of the water despite the fact that he never actually enters the water.
  • The way Viggo interrogates Ruffnut by serving dinner is similar how René Belloq interrogated Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    • Coincidentally, the film also features Alfred Molina (Viggo Grimborn’s voice actor) in his first film role.


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