Thunderclaws don't fly when they're panicked. [src]

Tundra Thunderclaws are a group of Thunderclaws appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Thunderclaws were once so prevalent in the Archipelago that a passing herd would leave a muddy track a mile wide in its wake. Those days are long gone, however, as the advancing ice in the north has changed their habitat significantly, reducing both access to food and pack size as a result. There is another reason for their declining numbers in recent years. The Tundra Thunderclaw is favored by Dragon Hunters, who capture the nervous dragon by a singular method that exploits the Thunderclaw's tendency to remain flightless when panicked. Standing on either side of a herd, holding bright colored blankets and shouting serves to funnel the Thunderclaws off the edge of steep cliffs. The panicked Tundra Thunderclaws are packed so close they have no choice but to go with the herd towards their doom. There, they can be scooped up and chained down prior to taming procedures. Those who passed muster would be conscripted into the Dragon Hunters' army of trackers, as their extraordinary sense of smell makes them particularly suited for such a role.
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Physical Appearance

Tundra Thunderclaws are a medium blue with an off-white belly. There is a light purple sheen at the transition between the two colors. Over the blue are darker blue open-centered spots, as well as darker blue patches on the wings. These dragons' eyes are a bright canary yellow.

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  • The hunting method mentioned in the Tundra Thunderclaw's description mirrors that of the Jump employed by Native Americans for hunting Bison by a herd off a cliff.



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