Au contraire, mon frere, in order to find a Changewing . . . You must . . . become a Changewing!
  Tuffnut Thorston on catching Tuffwing  

Tuffwing is a Changewing who first appeared in "Night of the Hunters, Part 1".


This elusive Changewing was briefly trapped by Tuffnut, who said of the Dragon, "To fully understand a Changewing, you have to become a Changewing."
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Dragons: Race to the Edge

"Night of the Hunters, Part 1"

The gang found a Dragon Eye lens on the Reaper but to their dismay, none of their dragon's flame could light it up. Tuff found that the shield that once contained the lens depicted a Changewing and the team set off for Changewing Island. They planned to ambush the Changewing, but Tuffnut thought otherwise and wanted to 'be the Changewing' to catch it.

The team spotted a Changewing scamper to the river to have a drink and shed its camouflage. However, Tuffnut jumped out of the bushes and scared it away, earning displeasure from the rest of the gang. However, he had actually set a trap and the Changewing was caught by ropes when it attempted to fly away. As Tuffnut said," See the Changewing, be the Changewing." It eventually attacked them with its acid and snapped the rope. Its acid remained on Snotlout's helmet and the gang used it to project the lens.

Physical Appearance

In "Night of the Hunters, Part 1", Tuffwing has the appearance of a normal Changewing. However, in Dragons: Rise of Berk, Tuffwing has yellow patches on his wings that fade from the red orange color, though this is most likely only added in order to differentiate him from other ingame Changewings.



  • Tuffwing's colors in Dragons: Rise of Berk are the same as Edgewing's.


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