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Twins: "Boar pit. Boar pit! BOAR PIT!"
Hiccup: "Yes, yes! Ha ha! Glad you brought that up, there's a space for one right underneath your hut."[src]

Tuffnut and Ruffnut's Hut is one of the huts on Dragon's Edge belonging to Tuffnut and Ruffnut Thorston.



The twins' hut resembles that of a Hideous Zippleback, having two heads, two entrance doors and large Zippleback-like wing features on the roof. It's base color is a forest-green, in likeness to Barf and Belch, with a few highlights in colors such as light blue and yellow. The exterior of the hut is decorated with several objects that depict the twins' unique and war-like personalities: shields adorn the outer walls in clusters and the roofing tiles appear to be a mixture of metal plating and haphazardly applied tiles, lending a messy, uncontrolled appearance to the building.


The interior is decorated much like any other viking hut: wooden walls with little furnishings, several rugs, wooden beds, tables and chairs. Hiccup states that there is enough room to situate the twins' much loved Boar Pit beneath their hut. In "Living on the Edge" however, the boar pit is commandeered for making a special mix of Gronckle Iron and Death Song amber to plug up the volcanic vents on the island.


The twins' hut serves much the same purpose as any ordinary Viking living abode: for shelter, relaxation, pursuit of hobbies and as a general living/sleeping quarters.

Sleeping Area

Ruffnut and Tuffnut use this hut as a resting area, where they sleep on standard viking beds. Sometimes, they may even choose to sleep upside down, much like bats. It is also revealed that Tuffnut's pet, Chicken, resides within the hut with them on most occasions, taking it as her living quarters.



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