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Dak: "We'll go with you, right guys?"
Winger: "On a risky treasure hunt?"
Cutter: "For a long-lost gem?"
Aggro: "That no on else has been able to find?"
Summer: "Because it might not even be real?"

"Treasure Riders" is the fifth episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


When a swashbuckling adventurer named Waldondo comes to town, the Riders enthusiastically join him a treasure hunt for a priceless gem.

Major Events


TH - Uh, Cutter.jpg

The Rescue Riders fly out for a meal, and try to decide what type of fish they are going to eat. Cutter complains that he is hungry, so Burple regurgitates a slimy rock for him. Cutter politely refuses, preferring to eat fish. Winger suggests catching Speckled Cod, while Summer proposes Rainbow Trout. Eventually, they both settle on Ice Tail Pike, and ask Cutter for his opinion. However, the Razorwing is nowhere to be seen, as he already flew ahead of the group to catch his favorite fish.

TH - Everyone watching Cutter eating quickly.jpg

After the Rescue Riders catch a pile of fish, they each take one and settle down to eat it. Cutter then eats the entire pile of fish in less than a minute, claiming to be very delicious, while the Rest of the Rescue Riders watch in awe. Dak and Leyla finish their fish and decide to go out to pick some berries as dessert. The two go inside a nearby forest, leaving the dragons to finish their meal. Unbeknownst to them, a pack of wolves are watching them.

TH - Waldondo in front of Leyla and Dak to protect them from the wolves.jpg

As Leyla and Dak are eating berries, three wolves attack them. They manage to dodge in time, but they realize that they can't fight the wolves without their dragons. Just then, a stranger shows up and engages in a fight with the wolves, saving the twins. The dragons soon hear the wolves' howls and fly to their friends' aid. When they arrive, they see the stranger effortlessly defeats the wolves by making them tired and tricking them. The creatures retreat into the forest as the Rescue Riders watch in awe.

TH - That doesn't sound too hard.jpg

Leyla and Dak thank the stranger for helping them, and he introduces himself as Waldondo del Mundo. Neither of the twins recognize him, so he briefly explains his life achievements. The Rescue Riders are amazed by what they hear and quickly gain admiration for Waldondo. He tells them that he came to Huttsgalor in search of an old friend of his. After a brief description, Leyla and Dak conclude that he is looking for Marena, so they offer to lead him there. He accepts the offer and rides on Winger.

TH - Waldondo impressed by Aggro's fire.jpg

In the air, Waldondo admires the landscape, claiming that he could only have such a perspective on the top of a mountain. He boasts a little more about his adventures, after which he asks the dragons if they have any special abilities. Both Aggro and Summer compete for his admiration, with the Fire Fury lighting up some lamps from the village and Summer filling up a sheep trough. Waldondo is impressed by both of them. Burple spits out a rock in an attempt to show off too, but only manages to hit a Viking in the head with it.

TH - Calling each other names.jpg

Upon arriving at Marena's house, she recognizes Waldondo by smell and asks him why he came. The two insult each other, making the Rescue Riders believe that they are going to fight. However, they hug and reminisce the last time they saw each other. Waldondo tells Marena that he found the map leading to Odin's Gem, an artefact the two have searched for in their youths. Marena refuses the offer, much to the Rescue Riders' surprise. They offer to assist Waldondo in his search, and he agrees. Just then, Marena changes her mind and opts to go with Waldondo, under the condition that Burple stays behind. She whispers something in the dragon's ear, and Burple agrees to do as she says.

TH - How many adventures.jpg

The Rescue Riders, Waldondo, and Marena then leave and travel to the Isle of Lost Vikings. On the way, Waldondo and Marena tell the Rescue Riders one of their adventures, during which they get stuck in a giant clam for two days. Dak is amazed by the story and asks Waldondo about Marena, since the Rescue Riders don't know much about her. Waldondo whispers out of Marena's earshot that she used to have the eye patch on the opposite eye. Dak is surprised by it and looks at Marena very confused.

TH - At the enterance to the tunnels of Valhalla.jpg

Just then, the group arrives at the Isle of Lost Vikings. The Rescue Riders admire its landscape, but Marena warns them not to be fooled by the pleasant aspect of the island. Cutter uses his sharp eyesight to locate a cave and the Rescue Riders venture inside it. Dak remarks that the cave is similar to the Maze Caves on Huttsgalor, with the exception of a lost Elbone inside them. Marena claims that there will be booby traps inside the cave and tells the Riders to watch their steps.

TH - The object still moving back and forth.jpg

To prove her point, Waldondo steps on a flap, activating two giant hammers that fall from the ceiling. Everyone manages to dodge them and Winger destroys them with his blasts. Waldondo apologizes for his mistake and the group continues the journey. They encounter a dead-end inside the cave and stop to wander, wondering what they did wrong. However, Summer and Aggro start shooting at the wall, in an attempt to break it. However, their blasts turn to be inefficient and when the two mix, they create a smokescreen, much to everyone's annoyance.

TH - All the booby traps disarmed.jpg

Bored of the situation, Marena easily found a lever and pulled it, which caused a large boulder to move and reveal the next section of the cave. Dak is quick to go inside, but Waldondo warns him that all the statues inside were armed with large spears and activated one to prove it. He then suggested that all dragons fire their blasts, in order to trigger all the statues, so that they could pass safely. All dragons work together to do so, deactivating all possible dangers. The Rescue Riders then crossed the passage without problems.

TH - Why would I let you out.jpg

On the other side, the group emerges from the cave onto a beach, where they spot a large ship. The Rescue Riders assume that Odin's Gem is on it and quickly go to search for it. They don't find anything on it, so they decide to look under the deck. They all go inside and discover a large crate, which they believe contains Odin's Gem. Much to their surprise, the crate turns out to be empty. Just then, Waldondo, locks them under the deck and traps Marena in a net. He explains to the Rescue Riders that he planned to capture them all along and throws Marena on the beach, bidding her farewell.

TH - I can't believe.jpg

The Rescue Riders are shocked by the betrayal and try to find a way to escape. However, they realize that all the dragons ran out of shots, because they used all of them inside the cave. Summer and Aggro argue that they both tried to impress Waldondo, when neither of them should have trusted him. Cutter tells his friends that he still has spikes on his tail and tries to use one to break free. Instead, the spike bounces off the metal and nearly hits the Riders, but Winger manages to stop it with his tail.

TH - The door having landed after it was broken off.jpg

Just as the Rescue Riders are about to give up, Marena shows up at their window, riding Burple. He explains that he followed them, at Marena's request, because she doesn't trust Waldondo. The two sneak up aboard the ship and split. Burple tries to free his friends using boulders, while Marena goes to confront Waldondo. She manages to tire down Waldondo, just as he did earlier with the dragons, until she gains the upper hand. Meanwhile, Burple succeeds in freeing his friends and they all take off.

TH - Impossible.jpg

Waldondo is unwilling to let them go easily, so he throws a rope and catches Burple. He ties the rope to the ship, so that the dragon can't fly away. Marena asks Summer and Aggro to combine their firepower again, in order to create a smokescreen. They do so, and Marena uses the distraction to slide on the rope and beat Waldondo. She ties him up to the mast and frees Burple, after which she leaves with the Rescue Riders. Waldondo is left alone on his ship, admiring Marena as she bids him farewell.

TH - It's amazing.jpg

Returning to the village, the Rescue Riders thank Marena for saving them, and Leyla asks her how she knew that Waldondo was lying. Marena reveals Odin's Gem that she kept on her belt, much to everyone's surprise. Leyla asks her why she keeps such valuable objects in her pockets, so Marena decides to pass it to Burple. The dragon swallows it and hides it in one of his stomachs. He then promises Marena to keep the gem safe. However, he notices that Marena has disappeared, like she usually does. Everyone starts laughing at the situation, and Burple burps quite loudly.





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