This dragon is ALL MINE! [src]
  — Ruffnut  

Trancemare is a Premium Flightmare that appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk. It served as Ruffnut's new Flightmare.

Official Description

Ruffnut has found the perfect partner in this Flightmare to help her dedicate herself to Loki, the god of pranks.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  



Trancemare is a brilliantly colored Flightmare that was tamed an trained by Ruffnut. She and Trancemare will worship the God Loki, presumably by trickery and playing jokes.


As indicated in a Dragons: Rise of Berk Gauntlet event, Drago Bludvist captured Trancemare and exposed it to Dragon Root in order to use it against the Dragon Riders.

Physical Appearance

Trancemare has a brilliant pink and violet body with hints of blue and orange that glows very brightly.


  • Unlike other dragons, Trancemare can shoot out bright streams of purple mist when placed on Berk in the game.



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