The Trained Catastrophic Quaken is a Catastrophic Quaken trained by Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston for use in Loki's Mirage Maze.


At some point, Ruffnut and Tuffnut managed to train this Catastrophic Quaken. Noticing its practical use for their fun and games, the twins planned to use it in one of their mazes.

The twins placed this dragon in the middle of Loki's Mirage Maze. It served as an obstacle for the player, as it rolled back and forth around a circular pathway in an attempt to crush them. The player had to wait until the Quaken passed by before entering the path and running to a safety hole before it caught up to them. They would then run towards a ledge that they could fall down to completely escape the dragon. If the player failed to avoid the dragon, they would have to preform the Quaken's section of the maze all over again.

Physical Appearance

This Catastrophic Quaken is representant of its species, with a brown body and brown spikes. It has purple markings on its wings and purple spots on its back.


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