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Trader Zachariach is one of the traders that offered to replace Johann in "No Bark, All Bite".


Tricking Berk

After Berk lost its trader, Johann, Hiccup called Zachariah, Lena and another unnamed trader, hoping that one of them could replace Johann, since he knew them as "three of the most trusted and experienced merchants in the Archipelago". They were all rejected by Stoick, but they didn't leave. Gobber was then asked to pick one of them, however he couldn't decide as all of them had quality food and goods. Lena and Zachariah then suggested a cooking contest to solve the problem, which was accepted with the Twins as judges. Zachariah prepares various food including honey-roasted boar butt, which the twins like. When they announce that the contest ends in a tie, the merchants take out their weapons in anger, just as Dragon Flyers invade Berk. They disappear. Later Hiccup figures out that Johann probably hired the three merchants in some way to display many wears, except the medicinal plant willow bark.

Physical Appearance

Zachariah is a thick bodied adult Viking man with a brown beard and hair and brown eyes. His beard is tied into two 'pony-tails' of sorts and trimmed at the ends. He wears a double-horned helmet and a dark blue tunic.



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