Traal is a location mentioned in Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Little is known about the geography of Traal, but based on the brief description given, it has a human village and caves, presumably being a mountainous island.



Dragons: Titan Uprising

Traal is mentioned in the descriptions for the Crimson Goregutters, Grainfield Goregutter and Wapititan. It is mentioned that a tribe of people live in Traal that used to tame Crimson Goregutters. However, some villagers treated the dragons harshly, which led to a rebellion of the Goregutters. The Chief of the island banned the Crimson Goregutters from the village, so his subordinates followed his orders and exiled the dragons. However, the Henderson family refused to give up their dragon, Wapititan, and hid it in their house. Due to the dragon's large size, it was soon discovered by the guards. Seeing his family in danger, Wapititan burned down the house and killed the guards. Because of this, the Hendersons had to run away with their dragon companion and lived as outlaws, until eventually they died out, leaving Wapititan alone.

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