You know what this means, big burn mark... Big Typhoomerang! [src]
  Fishlegs and Hiccup after seeing the burn mark that Torch's mother made.  

Torch's Mother is a female Typhoomerang who first appeared in "The Terrible Twos".

Official Description

This Typhoomerang mother went on a rampage searching for her baby when he was accidentally "rescued" by Hiccup. Talk about an over-bearing parent!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


A Missing Child

At some point, Torch's Mother laid and hatched three babies, one of which is Torch. He becomes injured and lost in the woods of Berk. She looked for her lost son by night, but failed to find him because Hiccup had found him instead and taken him home. It was Toothless who first heard her enraged and panicked cries. Toothless tries to warn Hiccup, but his actions are mistaken for jealousy.

Later, Hiccup and the Dragon Riders discover a large portion of the forest destroyed and a tell tale spiral pattern burned into the ground. They conclude that it was caused by a large Typhoomerang and Hiccup suddenly realizes that it must have been caused by Torch's mother. Torch's mother suddenly shows up and sees her son in Hiccup's possession, and gives chase after Hiccup and Toothless. After they trick her into crash landing, Torch is reunited with his mother and his two siblings. The family of Typhoomerangs soon take off and leave.

Physical Appearance

Torch's Mother is red in color with white wing edging. She also has a white head and neck, as well as belly. The white on her face is sparsely spotted with red. Her eyes are an orangey-yellow and almost appear to glow when firelight reflects in them.



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