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I feel like he views himself as being this Dragon Whisperer almost as well, which at times will kind of make him fall flat on his butt. He's a little bit too arrogant and thinks he has more of a handle on it than he actually does, which is why he needs this team behind him.
  Jeremy Shada[1]  

Thomas "Tom" Kullersen is the main protagonist in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms. Tom is the founder and leader of the Dragon Club, a group of dragon riders in the modern day who protect the secret of the existence of dragons and guard the Hidden World in which they reside from the entire world, as well as the son of world-class geologist Dr. Olivia Kullersen, and the boyfriend of Jun Wong. His dragon and best friend is a Night Light named Thunder. Like his mother, he is a descendant of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Astrid Hofferson.

Official Description[]

Tom is a bold, mischievous and charismatic leader with exploration in his blood. Raised by his scientist mom, her curious nature has rubbed off on him. Tom is impulsive and needs to explore and check things out — but doesn’t always consider the consequences.

After arriving at ICARIS (International Crevasse and Research Investigation Station) with his mother, Tom discovers a hidden world of dragons and starts the Dragon Club with his friends.


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Physical Appearance[]

Tom is a teenager of European descent with a thin build and light skin. He has blue eyes and blond hair in an undercut style. He wears a dark blue letterman jacket with light blue sleeves, which has a "Thor's Hammer" design on the front left side, and a patch with a lightning bolt and pickaxe on his right bicep. Under the jacket, he wears a yellow t-shirt with an orange stylistic illustration of a rocket, greenish-brown pants, and brown boots. He has been seen sleeping in the t-shirt and red boxer shorts.

Tom's Fire Suit and helmet are mostly black with blue scales with the clothing under it navy blue. His helmet and shoulder pads have a blue Night Light symbol on it.

By season 6, Tom has added a large blue patch with a black Night Light symbol to the back of his jacket.


Tom is naturally adventurous and daring, having once climbed into the polar bear habitat at the local zoo when he was five, and climbing down a dangerous fissure at fourteen. This adventurous streak does, however, tend to make him impulsive, reckless, and disobedient towards higher authority, even his mother. Once Tom discovers something he finds exciting, he sticks his mind to it regardless of the consequences. This has led to conflicts with his mother and causes him to be looked down upon by most adults as a troublemaker. Despite this, Tom is very friendly, easy going, and fun loving. As the series progresses, Tom becomes a much more mature individual, no longer being as reckless and impulsive as he once was, as he works with his friends to guard the existence of the Hidden World from humanity.

Tom also holds great respect for his Viking heritage, admiring his ancestors for their adventurous legacy and reputation for fearlessness. This respect would only grow after discovering his ancestral connection to dragons and the Hidden World, causing him to possess an intense and unyielding desire to learn more about his ancestry.

Tom is also courageous, risking his own life to save Linda, from falling into the fissure, after the partial collapse of the under construction work platform. Despite his young age, Tom has also shown himself to be a capable leader. He is also empathetic and caring towards others and their problems, which helps him bond with others his age at ICARIS, despite presumably having few friends beforehand. Tom is also forgiving towards others, as even though both he and his mother were nearly killed by the Fault Ripper, Tom held no desire for revenge against the fearsome dragon, instead only hoping that it survived the fall into the fissure.

Tom has a sense of compassion for animals when they are injured or just look like they're lonely and in need of a friend. This drives him to keep the existence of the dragons a secret so no human will be able to exploit or kill them for profit. His compassion for animals is so strong, that he risked his life to free Thunder from the rockslide entrapping him, despite having no idea what he was at the time or if he would attack him once freed. Upon learning of the existence of dragons, Tom came to deeply love the creatures, being deeply excited whenever encountering a new one and always striving to help those in need. Tom also possesses a love of science, likely due to his mother being a professional geologist, and dislikes it when humans abuse the subject for their own ends. This also causes him to be more down to Earth than his friend Jun, dismissing the notions of fate and magic.

Tom possesses an exceptionally strong bond with his dragon Thunder. Though he was initially frightened of him, Tom quickly warmed up to him after the dragon had saved his life. Since then, the two have formed a strong bond of mutual love, trust, and affection. He considers Thunder to be his best friend and has been shown to place his safety above his own. When both the Fault Ripper's quakes and his mother's solution to them posed a threat to Thunder and the other dragons' safety, Tom sent him back to the Hidden World for his own safety, despite the risk of never seeing him again. This shows that Tom is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of those he loves.

By the end of the first season, Tom takes his role as a protector of the Hidden World very seriously, with himself, and all of his friends, considering it their duty to guard the entrance to the Hidden World and to protect the dragons that live within it. After the encounter with the Fault Ripper, however, Tom began suffering from deep remorse over the thought that he inadvertently caused the fearsome dragon's death, so much so that he began suffering nightmares of the event. Since then, Tom has made it the duty of both him and the other dragons riders to never harm another dragon again.

Despite Tom's compassion and bravery, he does have his downsides, largely due to spending most of his life with just his mother. This has made Tom slow to open up to others and difficult for him to confide in them as well, even when they are his closest friends. Tom's slow-to-trust disposition made him initially unwilling to let the other kids at ICARIS know about the existence of the dragons and only permitted them to join the Dragon Club when he had no other choice. Even after forming strong friendships with them, Tom still prefers to keep what he considers deeply personal to himself, such as refusing to open up to his friends over his trauma with the Fault Ripper's supposed death or letting them know about the dragon symbol on his helmet. He also (as mentioned previously) is extremely reckless and prone to just jumping in dangerous situations without planning. And he has become a little bit arrogant due to his great skill with bonding with dragons, this has led him to believe that he can handle any dragon easily and that has led to issues.

After the events of the "Follow the Lightning", however, Tom came to understand how his lone-wolf behavior had affected his friends and learned how to better open up to them. Since then, Tom has pledged to abandon his previous loner attitude entirely, and work on being a better leader and teammate to his fellow Dragon Riders.

And yet, as Tom began to discover more about his Viking ancestry and saw that the people of Rakke Corp were getting closer to discovering the dragons, he feared not only for the dragons and their home's safety but that he could not live up to the legendary status his great Viking ancestor had achieved. With Jun's help, Tom realized that he didn't have to do it alone.

Throughout season 5, after his mother finds out about the dragons, he became worried that if her belief about possible dangers in the hidden world were true, she would never let them see their dragons again. But he became relieved when she was impressed by the bonds he and his friends shared with the dragons, that she would let them keep exploring with them as long as no more secrets were kept from her. He also became worried when his mom told him that the secret would have to be revealed to the other parents eventually. He grew extra excited when he found out that he was related to Hiccup Haddock, as he was known as the greatest dragon rider in all of Viking history. This caused his fear of losing his dragon best friend to the Rakke Corp to shift to a fear of never being able to carry on his ancestor's legacy to bring humans and dragons together. But after much convincing from his mom and friends, he overcame that fear and decided to let everyone at ICARIS know about the dragons' existence. Knowing his friends will help remind him that he doesn't have to do this alone, he felt confident that everyone can get along with the dragons as long as they are treated with respect and protected.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills[]

  • Climbing: Tom is a skilled climber, capable of making his way to the top of his dome in Rakke Town with ease and scaling down into the Kullersen Fissure using only a pickaxe. According to his mother, Tom's climbing and exploration skills are far more accomplished than that of most of the Dr. Sledkin's professional staff.
  • Dragon riding: Tom is a skilled dragon rider in his teens, effortlessly staying on top of Thunder as he flew around the fissure, despite not possessing a saddle nor ridden a dragon until he they met. He can also briefly stand on a dragon's back while in flight, as seen when he was riding on the Elder Night Light, he stood up straight while he was flying during the battle with the snow wraiths. His skills as a rider came deep from within his Viking roots.
  • Leadership: Tom been shown to possess capable leadership qualities, being able to effectively lead his fellow Dragon Club members while formulating efficient combat tactics in the heat of battle.
  • Drone Piloting: Tom is shown to be capable of accurately flying small propeller drones.
  • Endurance and Stamina: Tom is shown to have a good amount of endurance and stamina as he could take a tail slap from the Fault Ripper right into a stone wall and recover quickly. He also endured multiple lightning strikes from the Skrill and channel them through Thunder with the crystal lightning rod, though this ended with him being briefly knocked out and quickly come too with a burn on his hand. He has also been shown to be remarkably resilient against large electric shocks and burns.
  • Swimming: As seen in "Downpour", Tom was able to dive into water and hold his breath long enough to retrieve his Viking helmet.
  • Intelligence: Being raised by his mother who is a professional geologist, Tom has some knowledge of Rocks and Minerals and other geologic phenomena.
  • Swordsmanship: In "Follow the Lightning, Part 2", Tom used a shard of silver to channel the lightning power from Thunder and aim it at Thunder's Nemesis, thus defeating it. He continued to use the shard in its original form for future battles or for playing Vikings with Jun, until he decided to forge it into a Lightning Sword with help from the Magma Breather. By the time of "The Night Lights, Part 1", the sword is complete, and Tom was able to use it to channel Thunder and the Elder's lightning power to defeat the two invasive Snow Wraiths. Tom was also able to deflect Deadly Nadder's spikes with his sword in Dragons Everywhere!.
  • Reading Norse writing: Together with Jun, Tom has learned how to read the Viking language and decode the Book of Dragons. Initially, his translations were patchy (such as mistaking "pebbles" for "puddles"), but he has since been able to read from the book without pausing for long or having a written key on hand.
  • Welding Staff: In How to Train Jörmungandr Tom discovered Valka's Staff and decided to use the staff on the Jormungandr so he can lure it back towards its cage.

Core Relationships[]


Main article: Tom and Thunder's Relationship

Thunder is Tom's dragon and best friend.

Olivia Kullersen[]

Main article: Tom and Olivia's Relationship

Olivia is Tom's mother. They are very close, as Olivia raised Tom alone after his father left them for unknown reasons. Prior to arriving at ICARIS, Tom and his mother went on numerous scientific expeditions and adventures together, which they both deeply enjoyed.

Jun Wong[]

Out of all the members of Dragon Club, Tom is the closest with Jun. Tom and Jun have known each other since they were little because their mothers have been friends since before they were born. They had many good times together and became best friends, although after they both turned six years old their families went different ways until eight years later, when the two awkwardly get reacquainted. Despite disapproving of Tom's recklessness and lack of regard for rules, Jun is supportive of Tom and encourages him as he makes new discoveries. The two grow even closer after she follows him to the secret cave where she sees him with Thunder, where she becomes amazed by his appearance, gentle nature, and that he was proof of her claims that dragons were real. After this, and despite her reservations, Tom took her for a flight on Thunder to the Hidden World, leaving her awestruck at the sheer beauty of the experience. This also led to her meeting her own dragon, the Mist Twister Wu and Wei. Though they are of equal footing, Jun has no problems taking orders from Tom in battle and generally seems to trust his judgement. Tom likewise, considers her a friend and cares about her well-being. Though they do bicker at times, it is usually friendly. In "Fault Ripper", after Tom was dragged to the bottom of the fissure by the Fissure Fault Ripper, Jun was brought to tears at his apparent death until he reappeared on Thunder moments later, which earned him a punch on the arm for scaring her.

Out of all the members of Dragon Club, Tom is the closest with Jun. This could be seen when she was the first he informed about the symbol on his Viking helmet. Though she agreed to keep his secret for a time, Jun eventually called Tom out for keeping things from Alex and D'Angelo, causing a brief strain in their friendship. After the battle with Thunder's Nemesis, however, Jun reconciled with Tom upon seeing how truly sorry he was and how much he cared about everything, and now seeks to help him learn more about his heritage's connection to the Hidden World.

Despite their strong friendship, the two are prone to occasional arguments over their differing sources of confidence: Jun's fascination with mythology and Tom's reliance on science. This was demonstrated in "Journey to the Snowcano", when Tom overlooked Jun's mythological insight in favor of the Book of Dragons. Fortunately, both were able to make amends and admitted to their respective mistakes, allowing their friendship to remain intact. In their spare time, she's been helping him translate the book so they can understand what they discover about dragons.

In Season 7, Tom at first feels anxious when he struggled to tell Jun about his feelings for her. And as Eugene tried to get him to confess it, he ends up fumbling on his words making her feel offended. When they got trapped in a tree full of Woodchippers, he let go of his stress and finally confessed his feelings for her and she did the same. They soon worked together to learn more about the other realms from Norse Mythology bringing them close to finding the rest. They went on their first date in "Eugene's Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team".

However that became their greatest problem after the team briefly disband in "In The Cards", and tried to get back together by stopping Buzzsaw from finding Jörmungandr in "Rise of Jörmungandr". As they went into the Dark Realm, they came under the effects of realm's red dragonsite which increased their growing animosity towards each other and to beat it they had to follow D'Angelo's advice about "getting real" about their feelings but that was when Eugene took over for them. According to him, Tom was busy, "playing holdy hands" with Jun and combining that with Alex and D'Angelo following their own desires, no one was really there to be apart of the team. Taking Eugene's words to heart Tom agreed with her to dial down on their dating.

In Season 8, she trusts his judgment as he finds Valka's Staff and tries to use it to train the World Serpent. However, he goes against her wishes to fight off Jörmungandr alone in the dark realm infuriating her into breaking up with him. Despite this, she does everything she can to encourage him went things went wrong, like Buzzsaw throwing off Tom's aim of the ballista full of Speed Stinger Venom. She also helped him to see that he was descended from Dragon Riders not only through Hiccup, but also Astrid, to which he takes more after due to his fearlessness and steel. After Jörmungandr was defeated, they share their first kiss as they watch the moon over the fissure. They also shared sad but loving hug as their dragons returned to the Hidden World to be safe from the surface. They got to stay together as ICARIS closed down due to their moms going to another project together, and they continued their dating.

D'Angelo Baker[]

D’Angelo hugs Tom

Tom receiving a hug from D'Angelo

At first, D'Angelo was distrusting of Tom, due to his father telling him of Tom's recklessness and disobedience issues. Tom, in turn, was skeptical about D'Angelo, as he felt that less people knowing about the dragons would be better. However, when faced with the dilemma of a hurt Gembreaker, Jun convinced Tom to reveal the secret to D'Angelo due to his veterinary skills in treating injured animals. Initially, after learning the truth about the dragons, D'Angelo was uncooperative and wanted to expose Tom, Jun, and the dragons, though he reluctantly changed his mind out of a desire to help the Gembreaker. This strengthened Tom's skepticism of D'Angelo, but after seeing him treat Plowhorn's injuries, he quickly warmed up to him and welcomed him into the Dragon Club. D'Angelo happily accepted the invitation with a hug, much to Tom's discomfort. After this, the two formed a strong friendship with each other, which has grown over time, to the point where D'Angelo seems to acknowledge Tom as the leader of the group and having no problem taking orders from him in battle.

Like Alex, D'Angelo was hurt and upset upon discovering that Tom had kept the secret of his helmet to himself, but still refused to abandon him in the new caverns if the Hidden World. After the battle with Thunder's Nemesis, D'Angelo and the others forgave Tom, recognizing his remorse for his actions and how he atoned for them by saving the Club members' lives. Because of this, D'Angelo still recognizes Tom as his leader and wants to help him learn the meaning of the symbol on his helmet.

However that became their greatest problem after the team briefly disband in "In The Cards", and tried to get back together by stopping Buzzsaw from finding Jörmungandr in "Rise of Jörmungandr". As they went into the Dark Realm, they came under the effects of realm's red dragonsite which increased their growing animosity towards each other and to beat it they had to follow D'Angelo's advice about "getting real" about their feelings but that was when Eugene took over for them. According to him, D'Angelo was so busy playing "dragon doctor" combining that with Alex, Jun and Tom following their own desires no one was really there to be apart of the team. Taking Eugene's words to heart, D'Angelo agreed that he work on his work life balance.

Alexandra Gonzalez[]

Tom helping Alex

Tom helping Alex overcome her fear of the outside and bond with Feathers

Originally, Tom, like the others, found Alex to be strange and was put off by her quite antisocial attitude. Ironically, it was because of Alex that Tom decided not to reveal Thunder's existence to others, due to her statements about how humans would exploit dragons if they were discovered. Despite his earlier discomfort towards her, Tom would often come to Alex for help in getting past the sensors, showing a degree of trust in her and respect for her technological skills. She eventually became suspicious of him, and tracked him down to find out what he was up to. However, after she discovered the dragons and bonded with her own, the two have become friends. After discovering Tom and the others' secrets about the dragons, a Featherhide had entered Alex's home leaving her frightened. While the other riders left, Tom stayed to help her deal with the dragon, recognizing that it had decided to follow her specifically for a reason. During this time, Alex confided in Tom about the traumatic incident that caused her to fear the outside, and, in turn, he taught her how to bond with dragons, allowing her to tame the Featherhide that would become her partner, Feathers. Since joining the Dragon Club, Alex and Tom have become close friends. When it seemed as if Tom and Thunder had fallen to their deaths during the battle with the Fault Ripper, Alex blamed herself and was on the verge of tears. However, she was greatly relieved when they were revealed to have survived.

Like D'Angelo, Alex was also offended by how Tom kept the symbol on his helmet a secret and was frustrated by his lone-wolf attitude prior. Despite this, Alex refused to leave Tom to face the threats of the Hidden World alone, and continued to follow him in both the search for Thunder and his nemesis. After Tom risked his life to defeat the Skrill and save their lives, Alex forgave Tom, recognizing his deep remorse for his loner disposition and keeping secrets. Thus, the two have completely reconciled and she, along with the other riders, now wishes to help Tom learn the meaning to his heritage's connection to the Hidden World.

However that became their greatest problem after the team briefly disband in "In The Cards", and tried to get back together by stopping Buzzsaw from finding Jörmungandr in "Rise of Jörmungandr". As they went into the Dark Realm, they came under the effects of realm's red dragonsite which increased their growing animosity towards each other and to beat it they had to follow D'Angelo's advice about "getting real" about their feelings but that was when Eugene took over for them. According to him, Alex was so busy with her technology combining that with D'Angelo, Jun and Tom following their own desires no one was really there to be apart of the team. Taking Eugene's words to heart, Alex agreed that he work on his work life balance.

Eugene Wong[]

Tom and Eugene

Tom and Eugene's new friendship

Eugene is the older brother of Tom's childhood friend Jun. Tom first met him back when he and Jun played together as children. During this time, Eugene would often pick on Tom and Jun, causing Tom to hold a negative opinion of him. When the two met again at ICARIS after eight years, Eugene immediately began mocking Tom once again, showing his lack of respect for him. Tom, in turn, was disappointed by how Eugene remained as immature as he was before, and was irritated by Eugene's rude comments towards him. When Tom learned that Eugene had discovered the truth about dragons, he was deeply concerned and two briefly became enemies when the latter attempted to expose the Dragon Club's secret.

Despite his low opinion of Eugene and his initial attempts to expose the group's secrets, when Eugene demanded to become a Dragon Rider, Tom was the only one who was open to the idea and genuinely tried to help him bond with a dragon in the Hidden World. This may imply that Tom saw potential in Eugene and believed that Eugene could truly have a change of heart if he bonded with a dragon of his own. Tom's opinion of Eugene's character also improved a great deal after Eugene successfully managed to bond with Webmaster and the two showed their effectiveness as a team. Though he initially placed Eugene on probational status, Tom made Eugene a full-pledged member of the Club after he showed his strategy skills in helping deliver the Magma Breather to the Fire Realm. This shows that Tom has truly come to respect Eugene, now considering him a close friend and comrade.

Despite their improved relationship, the two riders remain somewhat rocky towards each other. Tom is often bothered by Eugene's immature behavior and is still the victim of many of his pranks. In addition, Eugene has often been very critical of Tom's leadership skills and doesn't always obey him, in addition to openly voicing his intentions to replace him as leader someday. This has often put them at odds, leading to arguments between them. Despite this, they do care about each other and have risked each other's lives to save one another.

However that became their greatest problem after the team briefly disband in "In The Cards", Tom had seen that Eugene tried to create his own team of dragon riders but it didn't work out so well. It wasn't until they tried to get back together by stopping Buzzsaw from finding Jörmungandr in "Rise of Jörmungandr". As they went into the Dark Realm, they came under the effects of realm's red dragonsite which increased their growing animosity towards each other and to beat it they had to follow D'Angelo's advice about "getting real" about their feelings but that was when Eugene took over for them. After he pointed out everyone else's problems, Tom retorted back what problem Eugene did have calling him "perfect" and he answered back "he believed in them" which left Tom shocked at how much of an impact he and his friends had on his comrade.

Wu and Wei[]

Wu and Wei are a two-headed Mist Twister and the dragon of Tom's childhood friend Jun Wong. Tom has a good relationship with Wu and Wei, finding the fact that they have two heads to be an impressive feature. Tom was visibly happy for Jun when she tamed Wu and Wei as her dragon, showing that Tom instantly accepted the Mist Twister as an ally. Since then, Tom has also shown that he does care about Wu and Wei's well-being. When the Fault Ripper's earthquakes made the Dragon Club's cave unsafe for their dragons to live in, Tom was concerned for all their safety including Wu and Wei. This prompted him to have Thunder lead them along with Plowhorn and Feathers back to the Hidden World in order to guarantee their safety, and was later happy when they and Jun were reunited. He was also extremely concerned about their health in "Journey to the Snowcano" when they over steamed themselves and required to be healed in the mountain's hot spring. In turn, Wu and Wei respect Tom and have permitted him riding on them multiple times.


Tom first encountered Plowhorn during his second visit to the Hidden World, alongside Jun. When they first met, Plowhorn had sustained serious injuries that prevented her from flying or walking, which left her vulnerable to any potential predators. Despite having just been attacked by other Gembreakers, Tom was very sympathetic towards the injured dragon and immediately tried to help her. Even when she attacked him while he tried to help, Tom remained undeterred and was eventually willing to get help from D'Angelo, despite his reservations over letting others know about the dragons. Tom also joined D'Angelo and Jun in defending Plowhorn when the other Gembreakers attacked her. After she bonded with D'Angelo and became his dragon, Tom and Plowhorn became friends. Like with, Thunder, Wu/Wei and Feathers, Tom cares about Plowhorn's well-being, to the point where he had Thunder lead her and the others back to the Hidden World for their own protection during the Fault Ripper's earthquakes.


Alex, Tom, and Featherhide in S1

Tom teaching Alex how to bond with Feathers and foster their friendship

After escaping the Hidden World, Feathers secretly followed the Dragon Club, including Tom, as they flew through the Kullersen Fissure before following Alex to her home dome in Rakke Town. Tom would later become aware of Feathers after he, Jun, and D'Angelo came to Alex's dome to talk to her, after she witnessed their dragons. When Feathers made her presence known to the others, despite being invisible, Tom and D'Angelo attempted to catch her, causing her to fear them both and run around Alex's dome in fright. Despite this, Tom speculated that the Featherhide sought to form a connection with Alex, correctly deducing that it was intrigued by the sight of the Dragon Club members riding their dragons, but curious as to how Alex did not have one. Realizing this, Tom taught Alex how to bond with her, successfully helping Alex to overcome her fear of the dragon, which allowed them to become best friends and partners. Like the other dragons in the Dragon Club, Tom cares about Feathers and was pleased to see her befriending the other dragons, including Thunder. Like with Wu and Wei, and Plowhorn, Tom was concerned for Feathers' safety during the Fault Ripper's tremors, and had Thunder take them back to the Hidden World for their safety. Just like Alex, he felt a strong desire to rescue Feathers when she was taken by a molting colony of Featherhides and was happy when Feathers was safe and sound.


Tom seems to get along well with the newest edition to the Dragon Club's rank of dragons. Tom was immediately impressed by the Deadly Spinner's abilities upon seeing him action for the first time, and was equally impressed with the effective teamwork the dragon showed with its first rider, Eugene. Webmaster also seems to recognize Tom as the leader of the Dragon Club and seems to respect for this. Despite this, the dragon will often join in on Eugene's pranks toward Tom, such as when Eugene had him fire one of his webs to stick him to the wall.

Leonard Burne (Buzzsaw)[]

Tom bears a strong mutual animosity with the former Burne Lumber Company owner and current dragon poacher, Leonard Burne, also known as Buzzsaw. The two first encountered each other during the forest fire, although they didn't know it quite yet. They really got to know each other in the Ice Realm in "Cold Open" when Buzzsaw pretended to be an injured hiker named "Keith" in order to earn the Dragon Riders' trust and learn about them. Though Tom initially fell for Buzzsaw's charade, he, along with Alex, realized that everything he said was a lie when Tom noticed the words engraved on the handle of his hatchet said "Property of Leonard, Burne Lumber Company". Tom then came up with a plan that finally exposed the poacher's true unstable nature and motive, leading to a confrontation between them in which he nearly succeeded in killing both Tom and Thunder.

Buzzsaw's cruelty in poaching the dragons of the Ice Realm caused Tom to develop a strong hatred and disgust for the mad trapper, considering him to be an exceptionally dangerous threat to the Hidden World. Even so, he tends to underestimate Buzzsaw's cunning, falling for two of his traps consecutively in "The Decoy". However, Tom is determined to someday stop Buzzsaw’s threat to the Hidden World for good.

During "Torcher and Punishment", he found his friends captured by the mad logger, and when the Sky Torcher came, even though they both had different opinions about dragons, Tom tried to convince Buzzsaw to help the club drive off the giant alpha, but saw him flee instead and still cause trouble in the Hidden World.

In Poison Control, after Thunder was hit by one of Buzzsaw's poison darts, he made a desperate trade giving him the book of dragons in exchange for the antidote. But it turned out to be a set up so he could finish the riders off for good, but it failed. He furthered his revenge by attacking ICARIS and setting a fire upon the town. This has left Tom and the riders in full fear and despair, but they are confident to get the book back from him and stop his reign of terror for good.

In Season 7, his hatred for the loonatic grew even more seeing that he used the book's images of Dagur's hunting weapons to reinforce his camp with traps and that he is now teamed up with Wilma Sledkin so she can help him translate some of the Book for him.

However, in "Of Gods and Monsters", when Jack was badly injured and weakened after an attack by Jörmungandr, Buzzsaw went to get the riders for help to treat him. Tom and the other riders felt distrustful of the logger, but D'Angelo was willing to see if he was telling the truth, and saw it was true. Buzzsaw helped keep his dragon calm while D did his best to treat the Timberjack. Tom was shocked to see that Buzzsaw was telling the truth, and that Buzzsaw has truly bonded so well with Jack. In return for their help, Buzzsaw told them about Sledkin's secret lab and that it could be where she took Plowhorn. They then left Buzzsaw to care for Old Jack saying that he needed him. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating they are on good terms now.

Secondary Relationships[]

Philip Baker[]


Philip serving Tom and his friends dinner

Philip is often frustrated with Tom for getting too close to the fissure, which is strictly against the rules. He also confided to his mother, Olivia, that he fears Tom's troublemaking is setting him down a bad path. But he admits to him that he also admires his bravery when Tom saved Linda from falling into the fissure during an earthquake. Philip seems to have warmed up considerably to Tom after his son D'Angelo befriends him. This could be seen at the end of Dragon Club, where Philip not only warmly lets Tom and Jun into his home, but also cooks dinner for them while smiling at how well his son has bonded with other kids.

In "The Tangled Web", however, after Tom got himself and D'Angelo in trouble while trying to rescue a baby bird, Philip's opinion of Tom worsened intensely for nearly getting his son hurt. After this, Philip views Tom as bad influence for D'Angelo and has voiced his desire for his son to stay away from him. Despite this, Philip still permits D'Angelo to be near Tom upon recognizing the bond they share with each other.

When the teens reveal their dragons to him and all of ICARIS, when was scared and confused about it, but Tom assures him that if the dragons are shown respect and protected, they can be great friends with everyone.

Fissure Fault Ripper[]

Tom and Fissure Fault Ripper

Tom bonding with the Fissure Fault Ripper

This Fault Ripper Fault Ripper was the third dragon Tom managed to train after becoming a dragon rider. Initially, however, they started out as enemies, due to the Fault Ripper's constant tunneling under ICARIS, which threatened to destroy the station and doom all of the Dragon Club's dragons. Because of this, Tom initially saw the Fault Ripper as a grave threat and didn't hesitate to fight him alongside Thunder and the other riders when the dragon attacked his mother after she had entered into his territory. Despite this, Tom didn't harbor any resentment towards the fearsome dragon, and was left horrified and guilt-ridden when it seemed as though the Fault Ripper had fallen to his death in the Kullersen Fissure during their battle. Tom's role in the Fault Ripper's presumed demise left a strong impact on him, leaving him suffering from nightmares of the incident for weeks in which he would watch helplessly as the frightened dragon plummeted into the Fissure.

Eventually, this guilt caused Tom to seek out the Fault Ripper in the Fissure in the hopes of finding him alive, and was left overjoyed upon doing so, realizing that he hadn't killed the dragon after all. Though the Fault Ripper attempted to attack Tom upon encountering him again, Tom realized that he was doing so out of fear and was able to calm him by apologizing for their previous encounter. This allowed Tom to form a bond with the Fault Ripper, establishing a good friendship between them despite their previously antagonistic relationship. This bond became so strong that the Fault Ripper willingly joined Tom in saving the Crystal Realm from the invading Sky Torcher's magma flow, while also coming to his aid, with help from the crystal realm dragons, when he and the other riders were cornered by the fearsome dragon. Since then, Tom and the Fissure Fault Ripper have formed a close bond, with Tom being deeply appreciative of the large dragon's aid, and with him, in turn, being very loyal and playful towards the boy.


Tom seems to be on neutral terms with this Ice Realm dragon. Because it was under the influence of Buzzsaw's whistle, it attacked him and the other riders. While Tom attempted to show Buzzsaw how to train the dragon (all the while getting the whistle out of Buzzsaw's clutches), it took more interest in the boy because he was kind through the way he fed him fish and gently touched him. When Tom did manage to switch the whistle with a decoy, he used the real one to let the dragon go free, even though he still had Buzzsaw attached to him and dangling while he flew off.

Although, this seemed temporary, as Buzzsaw had made a new whistle and put the dragon back under his control. For now, they remain on opposite terms being forced by the evil lumberjack to attack the boy and his friends.

However, in Season 8, after being injured in an attack by Jörmungandr, and D'Angelo treating the Timberjack's conditions, Jack and Buzzsaw repaid the riders for their help by helping the other injured dragons while they fought of the World Serpent, indicating that they are on better terms now.


Tom meets Shadow when he was caught in one of Buzzsaw's traps. After freeing him, Tom realizes that Shadow is his dragon's little brother. Though initially shy, Shadow warmed up to Tom through his older brother's assurance and formed a liking to him. He also likes playing with Tom's sword, but that only caused problems, even with the elder night light. Shadow also seems to trust Tom enough as seen when his family was attacked by snow wraiths that he went to bring him and the club back to help. He would often cling onto Tom if he was scared or happy.

Angela Baker[]

Angela is Tom's school teacher at ICARIS and the mother of his teammate D'Angelo. Tom seems to have a healthy relationship with Angela. He seems to fairly enjoy her classes and is very respectful towards her. While she doesn't approve of Tom tendency for trouble, she holds a much better opinion of him than her husband and supports D'Angelo's friendship with him.

When Tom introduced her and the rest of ICARIS to the dragons, she was confused about all this. But Tom assures her that as long as the dragons are treated with respect and protected, they can be great friends to humans.


Tom first met Linda on his first day at ICARIS. During his class orientation, Tom snuck away to inspect the station's unfinished platform where he witnessed its collapse, causing her to fall into the fissure. Without hesitation Tom attempted to rescue her by pulling her up with the rope she was hanging from. With the help of Chief Philip Baker Tom was able to rescue Linda which she is eternally thankful to Tom for saving her life when she almost fell into the fissure.

May Wong[]

May Wong is the Director of Operations at ICARIS Station, as well as both the boss and personal friend of Tom's mother Olivia, and the mother of his friend Jun. May has known Tom since he was little, though she doesn't think very highly of him. She remembers how wild Tom was as a child, and is frustrated when she sees he still hasn't outgrown that habit eight years later. She often tries to remind Olivia to keep her son under control. Despite her low opinion of Tom, she has encouraged her daughter Jun to spend more time with him, though this is possibly more out of a desire for her daughter to outgrow her interest in fantasy and mysticism. Likewise, Tom seems to think of May as bossy and doesn't generally seem to enjoy her company. He is also shown to dislike how harshly May scolds Jun over her occult and mythological interests, and has given Jun advice on how to combat May's arrogant attitude.

When Tom introduced her and the rest of ICARIS to the dragons, she was scared and confused about this. But Tom assures her that the dragons can be great friends as long as they are treated with respect and protected.


Wilma Sledkin[]

Dr. Wilma Sledkin is the scientific archrival of Tom's mother. Tom and Sledkin became acquainted with each other while he and his mother were traveling the world on Olivia's scientific expeditions for the Rakke Corp. Tom has been shown to dislike Sledkin for her constant attempts to undermine his mother's work and reputation in the corporation. As revealed in "Magma Breather", Tom sees Sledkin as someone who couldn't possibly understand things like compassion and love, especially the kind he shares with his mother and dragon. Sledkin, in turn, has a low opinion of Tom, mainly for being the son of her rival. She sees Tom as nothing but trouble and will call him demeaning terms such as “Young Tom”, due to his young age. This also causes her to underestimate him a great deal, despite him having proven his worth as a skilled climber and explorer multiple times.

Out of all the Rakke Corps employees, Tom seems to view Sledkin as the most dangerous if the dragons were to be discovered, knowing full well that she would attempt to profit off of them if she knew of their existence. Thus, Tom is determined to prevent her from learning about the dragons or the Hidden World.

He was right to view her as dangerous, because like his mother, he knew her persistent and desperate nature could get her or someone else into trouble. He was sure that if Sledkin saw the dragons, she would view them as monsters or beings that deserve to be sold as profit, and in "Deep Freeze", she shot Thunder with a tranquilizer dart, making him fry the fuse box.

In season 6, he knew all along she had something to do with the dragons' crazy behavior. He knew she was using Jun to get information about the Scuttleclaw and it's high-pitched abilities, and he knew she was somehow causing explosions in the Hidden World just to get Dragonsite. This has increased his bitter opinion about her and made him confident they will stop her at any cost.

He was surprised when he found her in "Heart of Glass" where she was still mining Dragonsite to get her fame. And worse than that, he's seen that she has teamed up with Buzzsaw so she can help him translate the Book of Dragons and, in return, he can help her get all the crystals she wants.

In the final season, he sees how her greed and thirst for power has grown as she attempted to steal the "Dragonsite Gem" of the Gods Realm. He tried to save her as she lost balance and fell off the stand where the gem was. But because she refused to give up on trying to get the gem, Tom began to lose his grip as she slipped and plummeted into the crevasse to her death. Despite all the bad things she's done, Tom still mourned for her loss, especially after telling his mom.

Thunder's Nemesis[]

Thunder's Nemesis is a Titan Wing Skrill who serves as the archenemy of Tom's dragon, Thunder. In “Follow the Lightning, Part 2”, Tom and the Dragon Club first encountered the Skrill after following Thunder, who had runoff into the deeper sections of the Hidden World to face it. Despite knowing that the Skrill is the one responsible for separating Thunder from his family, Tom didn't seem to bare any grudge against the fearsome dragon, and urged Thunder not to attack while it slept, realizing that it was an exceptionally dangerous dragon despite not knowing its species or abilities. When the dragon did wake up, however, and attacked the Dragon Club, Tom wasted little time in helping his dragon battle the Skrill when faced with no other choice.

Unlike Thunder, who wanted to stay and fight, Tom recognized that the Skrill was too dangerous for him to fight and tried to get his dragon to abandon his grudge after they were forced to flee from it, but to no avail. Eventually, Tom worked alongside Thunder to defeat the Skrill during their next engagement, and it was through Tom's ingenuity that Thunder was finally able to settle the score with the Skrill, and ended their conflict.


Jörmungandr was discovered by Tom in the Dark Realm due to Buzzsaw's obsession with the dragon, calling it his Death Dragon, alerting Tom to the risk it would pose to the Hidden World if found by Buzzsaw. Eventually, Tom finds out that it was locked by Hiccup behind a gate in the Dark Realm, showing great fear towards it. When the Sky Torcher approaches him and Thunder opens the gate, Tom yells in desperation, showing that he greatly fears the return of this dragon, even more than the Sky Torcher. He is horrified when Jörmungandr pulls in the massive dragon and injures it severely, nearly killing it, expressing horror at the fact that it is now loose. Later on, he tries his best efforts to subdue it, setting up ambushes in the Crystal Realm and reading the Book of Dragons to see what he can do to get the serpent back behind the gate. He eventually confronts the serpent in the Nature Realm and uses its rage to lure it to the gate like Hiccup with the use of Valka's staff. Tom however realises that Jörmungandr remembers the trick and is not falling for it twice, instead choosing to now attack him. Tom is knocked out and wakes up to find Thunder facing off with Jörmungandr while his team arrives to help him. When Jörmungandr slithers away from the encounter after they escape its grasp, it glances at Tom with hatred, showing animosity to the young dragon rider. Tom then becomes more determined and tries his best to contain Jörmungandr, but fails multiple times because of Jörmungandr's remarkable intelligence and senses. When the Kings Realm is attacked, he spends a day making a gate of Gronckle Iron just to contain Jörmungandr, but the serpent tricked him, instead attacking the Gods Realm. Before it could kill the Gem Blaster, an enraged Tom smashes into the serpent, breaking one of its teeth. Tom then shows hatred towards Jörmungandr, not holding back attacking it at each turn, with as much backup as possible. When he confronts the serpent a final time, he defeats it with great determination and only then does he stop his rage, finally dragging Jörmungandr back to its cell.



  • Tom's surname —Kullersen— is formed of the Danish Kuller, which means Haddock, and the -søn/sen patronym meaning son of, so his name translates to son of Haddock.
  • In "Dragons of the Undead", it is revealed that Tom is a fan of Chuck Yeager, a famous fighter pilot and one of the most skilled aviators in history.
  • In "Uniconned", Tom exhibits some signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following his encounter with the Fault Ripper. Symptoms he exhibits include, a lack of sleep, recurring nightmares, extreme guilt, along with receiving recurring flashbacks and echoes when reminded of the event.
    • Tom's symptoms came to a head in "The Sky Torcher", prompting him to track the Fault Ripper down. Whether apologizing to and bonding with the Fault Ripper has alleviated Tom's condition has not been openly confirmed.
  • The symbol on Tom's jacket is that of Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, a Norse god. This symbolizes his relationship with Thunder, since Thor is typically associated with lightning and thunder.
  • Tom seems to have a love of pizza, judging from how he sarcastically remarks that Thunder is "the only creature that doesn't like pizza".
  • While it is yet to be confirmed, it is implied that Tom's father is most likely deceased, since his mother has argued that he is her only family left. This may be meant as a possible parallel to Hiccup, who was also raised by a single parent (Stoick), after the other (Valka) supposedly died.
    • In "The Tangled Web" it is revealed that Tom's father left him and his mother when he was too young to remember. This may be another parallel to Hiccup, since Valka abandoned Hiccup and left Berk when he was just an infant.
  • It has been subtly implied throughout season 1 that Tom and Jun may develop feelings for each other.
    • Jeremy Shada, Tom's voice actor, confirmed in an interview following season 2 that Tom is slowly beginning to develop a crush on Jun.
  • According to Jun, Tom, like D'Angelo, is a bad liar who performs certain habits that gives himself away.
  • His nickname, "boyo", is a reference to Spitelout calling his son Snotlout.
  • Unlike Hiccup, Tom is not good at drawing. But like Astrid, according to Jun, Tom is fearless and fights with his steel.

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