The Titan Wing Dramillion is a dragon that appears in the last two episodes of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6.


Captured by the Dragon Hunters

During the attack of the Dragon Hunters on Dramillion Island, the Titan Wing Dramillion appeared from his camouflage and started to attack everyone. When he got shot by many Dragon Root arrows, he landed on the top of a tree and fired in any direction, with multiple fire blasts. He was then shot by a huge harpoon and collapsed. Before Hiccup could reach him, he fell into the water, from where the Dragon Flyers picked him up.

Later, while searching for Krogan, the Dragon Riders found the Dramillion laying in the ocean, having been abandoned to die by the Hunters after they had no further use for him. They immediately rescued him and took him to the Defenders of the Wing. There, Mala took care of him while Fishlegs inspected him. He then realized that the Titan Wing Dramillion isn't in fact the King of Dragons, due to it not having the characteristics of how Oswald described him. The Dramillion then produced a fire of his own, which Hiccup used to light the Dragon Eye II, revealing the true King of Dragons on Berserker Island.

The Titan Wing appears to have healed from the wounds as he is present during the final battle. Eager for a bit of revenge against the Hunters for his torture, the Titan Wing leads his pack in attacking the Hunter's flagship, using his personal fire to blow a hole in the deck and liberating Krogan's Singetail. Both dragons fire in the sky as a sign of unity. The other Singetails, seeing their leader freed, then turn on their abusive flyers and throw them off. The Dramillion then flies away, disappearing into the sky.

Physical Appearance

The Titan Wing Dramillion is much larger than the normal adult Dramillion. It is also noted that the Titan Wing dragon also has the ability to camouflage itself, just like a Changewing.

Abilities and Skills

  • Endurance and Stamina: It didn't seem to be affected as much as other dragons when it was shot with several Dragon Root arrows. It survived being hit with several Singetail fireballs, a harpoon from a ballista, and falling from the top of a tree onto rocks.
  • Firepower: Like any Dramillion, the Titan Wing has the ability to mimic the fire of all other dragons. The Dramillion's own fire is a unique fire and has a color that changes. Its own fire was the key to unlocking the last clue to find the King of Dragons.
  • Camouflage: The Titan Wing is seen to be able to camouflage itself, an ability that no other Dramillion has.


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