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Titan Wing Dragons are dragons that have reached the Titan Wing Stage, the final stage in a dragon's life cycle.

Becoming Titan Wings

It is here [Titan Island] that the transformation will begin, and your dragon will be given strength that Odin himself could only dream of. The process will start by engulfing your dragon in fire. Within this flaming cocoon, it will grow larger than a thousand Beserker ships, develop spikes sharper than a battleaxe, and its wingspan will increase to rival the horizon itself. Once the transformation is complete, your dragon will be more powerful than ever. Take a moment to celebrate before you and your new Titan Wing friend take to the skies!
  School of Dragons Website[1]  

In most of the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, a dragon grows into a Titan Wing by surviving to an old age. It is unclear how old a dragon needs to be to be considered a Titan Wing.

In the games - Dragons: Rise of Berk and School of Dragons - a dragon becomes a Titan Wing through training. In Dragons: Rise of Berk this takes place at Valka's Sanctuary. In School of Dragons, the dragon needs to obtain level 20 through various game activities. However, in School of Dragons, the player must additionally collect special objects called "Runes", then take their dragon to Titan Island to transform them.

List of Species' Titan Wing Stages


Titan Wing Armorwings are zombie-like looking with green skin. They have more metal on their wings and bodies. Their nasal horns and the talons on their wings are bigger. Their claws are now covered in metal.


The Titan Boneknapper has orange, pinkish skin with many brown dots on its wings. They still retain their bone armor and most bones remain the same. However, the clubbed end of its tail becomes a smaller, sharp dragon skull.


Bewilderbeasts are incredibly massive, spiky dragons with a pair of massive, tusk-like horns protruding from the sides of their heads and huge multiple wings. The front side of their bodies are covered with burr-like spikes, along with two lines of spikes along the eyelids, giving an impression of eyebrows. Protrusions from the back of their heads form mane-like frills. Unlike Red Deaths, Bewilderbeasts are unable to fly for not having big enough wings for flight, mostly due to their colossal body sizes, and it is likely they use their wings to assist them in swimming, similar to penguins. This makes one of the few weaknesses that make this species vulnerable.

Proportions of upper and lower jaws are unlike those of usual reptiles, having a fish-like mouth with small teeth. Their lips are similar to those of mammals like humans to enable them 'blow' actions. Interestingly, no nostrils are visible on their faces. Their hard, "coral-like amphibian skin" covers their whole bodies and the scales provide surprisingly robust defenses to the dragons. In total, this species has many unique characteristics, making it a very mammal-like dragon. They come in colors such as ice white, muddy gray, and dark purple.


Titan Wing Buffalords are light pink in color, with lighter swirl patterns on their wings, a pale belly and dark spots all over the body, excluding the belly. The horns on their heads are brown. They have shades of orange on their wings. In addition, their spines, horns and wing claws have grown longer.

Catastrophic Quaken

Not much changes when Catastrophic Quakens reach their Titan Wing stage. They are darker in color with yellow spines. Their wings are a bit bigger and have more spines.

Cavern Crasher

Titan Wing Cavern Crashers in Rise of Berk look similar to their younger counterparts, but have glowing crystal-like spikes on their backs. The yellow stripes are replaced with luminous light blue, lilac and teal hints, and the main color is now brown.


Titan Wing Changewings look relatively similar to that of a regular adult one. However, the edges of their wings become sharper and their color changes. They are dark green and their wings have red edges and splotches of black. The blue spines turn red and the blue horns at the side of their head turn green.

Crimson Goregutter

The antlers, plates, and spikes of Titan Wing Crimson Goregutters are larger and sharper than those of their Broad Wing counterparts. Their tail bludgeons have also grown significantly. They also have several large holes on the far edges of their antlers.

Deadly Nadder

Titan Wing Deadly Nadders have more spikes on their heads, backs and feet. Their body is greenish with pink lines. Their horn and spikes are also pink. They have some blue spots on their wings.

In School of Dragons, the player can choose the color so they don't have a specific one.

Death Song/Slithersong

Titan Wing Slithersongs have a grey body with orange head. Their wings now have four main colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue

The horns on their heads are bigger as well as the lower jaw. The fins on their tails are bigger and are now orange with red stripes. It is possible that Titan Death Songs look the same as Titan Slithersongs.


Titan Wing Deathgrippers are much larger than their Broad Wing counterparts. They have two more tusks, one on each side of their mouths. Their spikes and claws increase in size and are much sharper. Their stingers become longer and their tails become thicker, especially towards their ends.


A Titan Wing Dramillion is not very different from an adult. It has a darker blue color with red patterns on its back, wings, and tail. Its spikes are also dark blue instead of white.

Egg Biter

Titan Wing Egg Biters are mostly pink with red stripes on their back. Their legs are dark yellow with red stripes. They have now more spines on their heads and backs. The spikes on their chins are now bigger. They also grow a talon on each wing.


Titan Wing Eruptodons increase a lot in size and have a considerable larger mouth. Their skin glows with a yellow color constantly, while their plates turn into dark orange. Their mouths glow brighter than their skin and their tongues turn yellow. Their dorsal and tail spikes become bigger, but remain the same color. Their eyes become pupilless and glow yellow, like the rest of their bodies.

Fireworm Queen/Princess

Titan Wing Fireworms are very colorful. They have a green body with distinctive scales. Their head, tail and half their wing bones have hints of cyan while the other half of the wing bone is yellow. The protuberances at the back of their head are yellow too. Their wings are blue in color. A row of thin spines run along their back and they have five pairs of legs.


Titan Wing Flightmares are purple with a faint, translucent blue outline. They have white and pink dots all over their wings. They still look similar to younger Flightmares, but their tail, which has a few spines on top, grew spines below too. In School of Dragons, the Flightmare gets larger wings, and now he's neon color. It has larger spines on the back and tail, with a great pair of thorns similar to a mermaid tail.


The Foreverwing is a colossal dragon. It has a woody brown color and what seems to be like branches at the back of its head and below its chin. These 'branch-like' objects resemble hair and a beard. With small, kind eyes and an aged appearance, this dragons looks rather old and wise in itself. The Foreverwing has thick foliage such as trees and vegetation on its back.


Titan Wing Gobsuckers have pink head, wings and backs. On their back, legs and tail they have the same model of stripes but this ones are purple. They have more spikes on their heads and a lot on their backs. Their nasal horns grew as well as the talons on their wings.

Grapple Grounder

Titan Wing Grapple Grounders are black. They have grey wings and a blue outlined arrow-shaped tail. There are small blue dots on their knees as well. They developed a pair of smaller horns and lose their body patterns. Also, they grew more spines along its neck to the tail, which are also sharper and smaller.

Grim Gnasher

Titan Wing Grim Gnashers, as revealed in School of Dragons, have similar coloration patterns as the Broad Wing stage — a solid base color with another color along the back. Titan Wing Grim Gnashers have the same body structure as adults but sport larger and thicker spikes and horns. The largest pair of horns on the head is reminiscent of those of a longhorn cattle or another type of bovine.


Groncicles that have reached the Titan Wing stage change quite a lot. Their body is darker and there are light blue outlines of what seems to be their liquid nitrogen veins. Their wings have white rings and its edges develop small, spiky icicle-like structures. Titan Groncicles' mouths glow purple and their eyes turn pinkish purple. Also, the icy spikes on their tails and under their chins become larger and thicker.


Titan Wing Gronckles are volcano-like in color. They are black with red striped and eyes. Their eyes have no pupils now. Their wings are gray with yellow edges. They mouth and nose are glowing yellow from the lava inside them. Beside the color, nothing else is changed from the adult form. It is unknown if the red stripes are lava or it is just their color.

The first appearance of any Titan Wing was the Gronckle, in the movie Short, Book of Dragons. Here, the Titan Gronckle looks like a larger version of an Adult, with longer wings. There is not special color or pattern changes.


Titan Wing Hackatoos have a blue body and orange wings. They have six legs and a long, slender body. Their claws and spines are orangeish-yellow too and the bottom of their neck is purple. Their snot is bigger and sharper.

Hideous Zippleback

Titan Wing Hideous Zipplebacks are rather colorful and has many different patterns on its body. Its body is grayish green and their wings have three main colors:

  • Blue with white spots
  • Purple
  • Dark Green

There are a large amount of spikes added and their tail tip increased in size and are more of a diamond shape.


Titan Wing Hobblegrunts have a large frill with small 'horns' on its edges. It has two large pale pink spots on it. They are mainly light blue in color. Their neck is clearly segmented and their wings have pink rings on it. Additionally, these Titans have grown four small spikes on their long, slender tail and a sail-like fin on its back.


Titan Wing Hobgobblers are considerably larger than a broad wing, possessing larger jaws and nasal horns.


Titan Wing Hotburples have different shades of blue and white as well as large dark blue spots on their body. Spines run along their body lengthwise and their initially significantly clubbed tail has been reduced to a smaller tail. They have grown a lot larger and stockier in built.


Titan Wing Moldruffles are red in color with blue and red stripes on their wings and blue stripes on their back and tail. They have more spikes on their backs. They have more horns on their heads and their nasal horns are bigger. They now have two talons on each wing and are bigger than before. They have a nasal horn curved in the exterior of the body, instead of an interior-curved horn like most of the dragons.

Monstrous Nightmare

When becoming a Titan Wing, their pattern changes. Once they have reached this stage they grow much longer and may gain spots in more striking colors. They can lose their stripes to have black spots, possibly a mimic of the leopard.

A Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare has enhanced physical attributes and abilities which make them stronger. Also, their range of fire is increased, so targets can be hit from further distances.Titan wings are proven to be extremely strong and are able to toss away heavy dragons with their head, and can even knock a dragon out of their air with their tail. They have a durable body, which can take several blasts from different dragons, as well as hitting trees and other forms of terrain while traveling at high speeds. They have a greater stamina and higher speed than a normal Monstrous Nightmare, as one was seen to be able to catch up to Hookfang despite his years of hard training.

However, they find maneuvering difficult as they are larger and heavier, meaning they cannot stop themselves as quickly, nor can they make tight turns.

Night Terror

Titan Wing Night Terrors have grown larger and their main body remains black while the horns and the end of their tail become blue. The ledges on top of their snout is longer and more wrinkly. Blue horn-like structures grow out of their neck and head and their claws grow sharper. Also, their whole tail is longer and appears to be sharper.


Titan Wing Prickleboggles are red with blue spots and blue frill on their back and have a white belly. They grew some spikes on their tail. Nothing else is changed.


Despite a few differences here and there, one could say that a Titan Wing Raincutter looks very similar to that of an adult one. Titans' body color starts to take on a more luminous, brighter hue of green. Stripes of darker green run down their back and over their wings. Their wings are larger and appear to be spinier and sharper and their edges are tinted pink, together with the sail on their head and the spikes on their back. The tentacle-like structures on their chin also grow longer.


The Titan Wing Razorwhip looks very similar to its Broad Wing form, though it is darker in color and the scaling is larger. The tail has more spikes. The eye color is now red.

In School of Dragons, Titan Wings have lighter coloring, almost white. They also have extra spikes going down their neck and back.

Red Death

The Red Death is a gigantic dragon. Her head is heavily armed with a nasal horn, a coral-shaped frill, and with jaws that are lined up with huge, sword-like teeth. The Red Death possesses three pairs of eyes that gives it little to no blind spot. Her coloration is mainly blue with an orange underside, and its enormous body sports coral-like spines as well as red spikes that gives this dragon its name. The tail of the Red Death is tipped with an ankylosaur-like bludgeon that can be used as a devastating weapon. Despite her gargantuan size, the wings of the Red Death are more than large and strong enough to give this dragon a full-powered flight.


Titan Wing Ripwreckers have a grey body that looks as if coated in metallic armor. There are white stripes running down the width of their backs, along with some white spots. They have turquoise wings, with blue edges and a light blue tongue. Titan Ripwreckers have developed small and modified spines that resemble seaweed on their wing and back.


Titan Wing Rumblehorns appear to have developed a shiny green armor. There are more plates to their armor and it appears harder. The horns on their head are sharper and longer, and their wings are cyan in color. Furthermore, their tail has grown more spiky tips. They developed another bone that sustain the wing in its middle.


Titan Wing Sandbusters do not change much from their Broad Wing counterparts. The only difference is that their eyes turn red, and they get scarlet teardrop-shaped patterns on their wings. Also, the green parts of their wings are now sandy yellow.

Sand Wraith

Titan Wing Sand Wraiths are reddish brown and their wings have a yellow edge with a sophisticated network of vein like patterns on it. Spikes emerge from the back of their head, wings, back and tail. Also, their tail fin and second pair of wings are larger. A black band forms over their eyes.


Titan Wing Scauldrons are dark blue in color and their tail fin and wings have an elaborate pattern of water droplet shaped pink spots. There are tints of light blue and purple on its wings too. Also, they have grown two more horns on the top of their snouts. Also, the little tentacles on their chin is thicker and more spread out, and their spines have grown on their long, slender neck. They have a rotund belly to store and boil the water that they have collected.

Screaming Death

Titan Wing Screaming Deaths are now bigger, with more spines on their bodies. They have red stripes on their wings and backs. Their backs are gray. They have more teeth and a`gray face.


These Titan Wings have dark green bodies and brown spots all over their wings. It looks more ferocious and has larger, longer dark orange spines on its back. Their face is brown and has some bumps. With broad feet and sharp claws, the Scuttleclaw Titans resemble Deadly Nadders. Its spines are also sharper and on the end if the tail they grew some more spines.


Titan Wing Seashockers have jaws full of spikes and their body is bright yellow. Furthermore, blue stripes streak across their wings and its edges are purple. They have light blue spines on their two necks that merge together to form one row of spines on their backs. They have a cluster of spikes at the tip of their tails.


The Sentinal, in Rise Of Berk, is a blue color, and is missing the moss it usually has, with a larger size. In School Of Dragons, the Titanwing Sentinel is a larger version of its Broad Wing, with more moss.


The Titan Wing Shellfire seen in Shell Shocked parts 1 and 2 has a brown-orange shell with deep maroon scales. It has two long horns on it's head and long yet small wings. However, this might not actually be a Titan WIng.


A Titan Wing Shivertooth has a shiny grayish-blue body with sharp scales. It has spikes all over its body, especially its tail and back.


Titan Wing Shockjaws are dark blue in color. They have purple fins and wings. Their eyes appear to glow like bio-luminescent, together with a few specks along their back and tail as well as their mouth and the tip of the tentacles on their chin. Also, the skin on their wings seem to be attached to their body in adulthood. However, in titan form, their wings are not attached directly to body but instead to a wing bone. Their limbs have also grown longer.


Titan Wing Shovelhelms are not so different from their adult form. Their nasal horn has grown considerably as well as the talons on their wings. Their frill has now more spikes. They grew spines from their head to their tail. Titan Shovelhelms are brownish with bright yellow wings and tails. They have blue stripes on their wings, backs and tails as well as a blue frill.


A Titan Wing Silkspanner is not very different from the adult form. The most notable change is that there are many more spikes on its back, head, and legs. It turns sea blue in color, with pale white belly.


Titan Wing Singetails have shades of pink with purple stripes on their back, wings and tail-fins. They have grown in size. They have more spikes on their backs, on their heads and under their chins. They have bigger wings and tail-fins. They now have four claws at each leg.


Titan Wing Skrills still resemble their younger counterparts. However, they are now larger and teal blue, instead of purple, and their mouth is light blue. Also, the spines on their back is longer and sharper and the talons on their wings have grown significantly thicker.


A Titan Wing Sliquifier is yellow, close to golden, in color. Its wings and tail fin are bright blue but has a few green spots on it. The fin on its long, slender neck is larger and it has more tentacles on its chin. It's mouth is bright blue. Beside this, Titans Sliquifiers look just like adults.


Titan Wing Slitherwings grow much larger in size than their adult counterparts. In terms of coloration, they are yellow with blue and red stripes on their wings and tails. They develop a cobra-like frill behind their head, on their neck. Their eyes become green. The spikes on their heads and the claws on their wings grow bigger and sharper. They are bright yellow with red and blue highlights.

Small Shadow

The Titan Wing Small Shadow is extremely brightly colored, with almost all colors of a rainbow. It is mostly red, but sports orange scales and its scales recedes to a yellow, green and blue shade towards its legs, edges of its wings and rear. Its claws are bigger. It has more triangular spikes on the tail. It now has small spikes on its back legs.

Smothering Smokebreath

Titan Wing Smothering Smokebreaths have a shiny green and grey coat. Their snout, wing edges and belly is green while the rest of their body is grey. These titans have blue stripes on their wings, similar to those of a tiger. The spines on their back, neck and tail are larger, longer and sharper too. Overall, this dragon has increased in size.


Titan Wing Snafflefangs are yellow in color with a orange and pink outline on their broader wings. The spikes on their back is also pink and the Snafflefang titans have developed a new pair of smaller horns below their original pair of horns. Their tail bludgeon's spikes are pointed to a single direction now and appears neater and more organized.


Titan Wing Snaptrappers have four heads and triple-spilt jaws with more teeth. They have developed a small tuft of pink petal-like structures at the back of their head. They have dark brown wings with some blue spots and yellow network vein like patterns, as such, their wings resemble dead leaves. Also, their neck is clearly segmented and has spines protruding from the back of their necks, all the way down to their tail, which eventually splits into two yellow tails.


Titan Wing Snifflehunches are dark blue and purple with white spots on their backs and wings. The edges of the wings are also white. Their horn on the snout is now sharper as well as their wings. They grew lots of spines on their back as well as bigger talons on the wings. Their head is a bit longer than before.

Snow Wraith

Titan Wing Snow Wraiths have a grayish blue body color with some grey spots and stripes on its back. Large spikes protrude from its back and down to its tail. The ledge under its chin has developed into two sharp horns and the this titan has developed some protuberances near its chin. Two longer canines protrude from its lower jaw and it has massive large claws.

Speed Stinger

Titan Wing Speed Stingers are magenta with light blue spots, dark blue frills and dark purple legs. Their stings are yellow. They have now two pairs of short wings (with the smaller ones on the tail) and two head frills (with the bigger one on the neck). Their eyes are now yellow instead of red.


Titan Wing Stormcutters look very similar to an adult Stormcutter, apart from differences in color and size. They have brown, leather-like scales. Their wings are red near its body and gradually lightens into pale pink towards the edge. It has a larger crown and tail fin. The spines along their back are bright red and larger.

Titan Stormcutters in School of Dragons look pretty much like in Rise of Berk with the except that you can change dragon's color.


A Titan Wing Submaripper turns dark green in color. Its snout and stripes are yellow, and its back is a darker shade of red. Its heart-shaped spines are bigger and it has grown some on its feet as well.

Sweet Death

Titan Wing Sweet Deaths are bright red in color, with a pink belly. They still look rather stubby, with a thick tail. White spikes protrude from their entire body and their eyes are bigger. Also, their wings are light pink in color. A Sweet Death in titan form has a tail covered with smaller spikes.

Sword Stealer

Titan Wing Sword Stealers are yellow, close to golden in color while their wings, chest and mouth glows blue. Also, they have an arrow-shaped tail. Their wings have brown stripes along it too.

Terrible Terror

Titan Wing Terrors are reddish brown in color. They have developed larger, black horns on their head and bigger eyes, thus giving them a more 'devilish' appearance. They have larger spines on their back. Their wings possess dark brown spots and they have a small, pointy, arrow-shaped tail. These Titans have grown slightly larger, though are still small compared to other dragons in the franchise.


Titan Wing Thornridges are light green in color and have even lighter wings with dark green spots on it. Their frills are larger and the spines that run along their back are longer, sharper and pink in color. They have two spines on their backlegs. Beside that, Titan Thornridges look like adults.


Titan Wing Threadtails orange and white. The talons on their wings are bigger and sharper. They have a lot of orange spikes on their backs. Beside that, Threadtails look the same as their adult forms.


Titan Wing Thunderclaws are yellowish green and have dark green spots on their bodies. The ledges on their snout becomes dark green, along with the spines along its back. The sail on their backs has grown into a sharp spike. Titan Thunderclaws develop spikes under their chin and two prominent canines on their lower jaws.


Titan Wing Thunderdrums are larger than normal adults ones. They have three main colors on their body: Blue, Turquoise and Purple. Their wings have these three colors and many white specks. They have developed a larger talon on the edge of their wings. Their body is mainly blue in color. These Titans possess lots of sharp teeth and a long ledge, with its nostrils, on the top of its snout. Their second set of wings is larger and they have a row of spines along their tail and spikes all over their back.


Titan Wing Thunderpedes are dark orange in color. Their scales show up more prominently and there are a few brown stripes along its back. They appear to have strong, hard plates on their chest in between their massive forearms with three razor sharp claws. Titan Thunderpedes have three large canines on their lower jaw and spikes on the top of their snout, neck and tail. They also have fairly small wings.

Tide Glider

The main difference Broad Wing and Titan Wing Tide Gliders is their color. A Titan Tide Glider has a darker, more vibrant shade of blue and pink wing edges that have swirly patterns. They have more frills on their crown and a larger tail fin. Apart from that, they are rather similar to adult Tide Gliders.


Titan Wing Timberjacks have a slender neck and longer horns that curve upwards. These Timberjacks have turned from brown to green in color. Their wings are broader and have green zigzag patterns on it and even darker spots between the patterns. There are bumpy, curved outlines on where the wings connect to its body.

Triple Stryke

Titan Wing Triple Strykes now has two pairs of thorns on their heads and larger and sharper dorsal spines. Their tails seem to have silver, gold and bronze tones, with details on its orange wings and different designs on their body and wings.


A Titan Wing Typhoomerang looks extremely similar to their adult counterparts. A Titan Typhoomerang is mainly black, with some grey patches around its wings. Its longer horns are red at the tip and the folds on its segmented belly are red too. The tip and the wingbones on its wings appear to be red too. Their legs have red claws and a what appears to be a frilly sail at the back of them.

Whispering Death

Titan Wing Whispering Deaths are armed with many more rows of larger, sharper teeth. They have bigger eyes that do not show their pupils, their eyes are encircled by a small white ring. Titan Whispering Deaths are covered with more dark blue spikes. These spikes can be found on their chin, behind their eyes, their neck and on their tail. They have pairs of purple wings with glossy blue edges. Their body is sand brown and the bottom of their chin is faint purple in color.

In School of Dragons, Titan Whispering Deaths appear to have a crown of large, twisting horns around their heard. Their eyes remain white while the area around them turns red and they grow larger. Their spines grow thicker and appear more across their body while getting shorter near the tail. Their wings also gain a blue stripe while becoming more spiky along the edges.


Titan Wing Windgnashers are now pink with green on the edges of the wings. They have green spots on the wings and green spikes. The frill on their head is now bigger. They grew spikes on their snout and their chin. The spikes on their backs and their claws are bigger and sharper.


Although the Titan Wing Windstriker does not have much differences as compared to adult, there is a major change in color. Titan Windstrikers are glossy blue in color. They have a longer horn on the top of its snout and two large horns on their chin. The patterns on their body have been reduced to small white spots.


Titan Wing Windwalkers increase a lot in size. The row of spines on their necks, backs and tails becomes double and bigger. Their colors are much darker and their wings turn from pale yellow to dark purple. The horns on their heads grow longer, giving the dragons a devil-like appearance.

Woolly Howl

Titan Wing Woolly Howls are larger and stronger than adult ones. They have much larger scales, especially on the tips of their wings, which are almost as long as the wing's breadth. Those scales appear to be a little sharp at the edge. Their scales are light purple in color, with tints of blue at the tip of their scales. The scales gradually turn darker in color as it progresses to the edge of its wings. There are razor sharp talons by the end of their wing bones. Their entire body, apart from its belly, is covered with large scales.



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