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      Titan Island was introduced in the game, School of Dragons, in April 2016 and is open to all players. Players can age up their dragons here to Titan Wing Stage with 50 Runes gathered in the game.

Official Description

Are you ready for your dragon to become the strongest and most powerful version of itself? Then perhaps a visit to Titan Island may be in order! If your adult dragon has reached level 20, you could be the proud trainer of a Titan Wing... That is, if you can tame it! Once your dragon bond has increased to level 20, Hiccup will task you with finding Titan Runes, and Fishlegs will help you earn your first rune. You can collect more Titan Runes by sending your dragon on Stable Quests. Once you two have collected your runes and gathered your courage, the two of you will be ready for a journey to Titan Island!
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Titan Island has a bit of a mix of climates. It is a volcanic island with a single volcanic cone and magma in its interior. Outside, it is covered with snow and surrounded by ice. However, the player can go into the volcano and find a small vegetated area with water flowing from the rocks. In this area, there is a platform, fire braziers, and a logo.

Be warned that Titan Island contains conflicting climates and landscapes, so if you do decide to make the journey, prepare yourself for rapid changes in temperatures. The first thing you’ll notice is the wall of fire around the island. You’ll find that you can pass through this in the blink of an eye! Once inside, you may be shocked to find that the island itself is surrounded by large blocks of ice and frigid waters. However, as you and your dragon venture further towards the center, you will find that the heart of the island is filled with lava, molten rocks, and steaming waterfalls. If you can stand the heat, lead your dragon further inwards towards the platform.
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School of Dragons

This island is exclusive to the game, and not seen anywhere else. It was created to accompany the introduction of Titan Wing stages for dragons. In order to work with game mechanics, set-up, and structure, the player must have collected at least 50 Runes in order to "titanize" their dragon. The player then goes to Titan Island to the platform area, and the dragon mysteriously grows into a titan.


  • The How to Train Your Dragon Franchise does not use Magic in the series, but rather science and engineering (excluding superstitions characters may have). The Rune system in School of Dragons seems rather "magical", but presumably, this was to work within the game mechanics and money system.
  • Valka's Sanctuary is the Dragons: Rise of Berk counter-part to this island as players can upgrade their dragons to the titan stage on that island.



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