Dagur: "That's no fish! It's a dragon!"
Ansson: "Dragons don't live in the water!"
Dagur: "Scauldrons do, Ansson!"[src]

The Thunderfish is a Scauldron thought to be a mythical sea creature appearing in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6 episode, "In Plain Sight".


Hunting near Berserker Island

Thunderfish hunted fish near Berserker Island and in areas where the Berserkers fished. It was thought to be a mythical sea creature. Ansson, a fisherman who bullied Dagur the Deranged as a child claimed the Thunderfish was real and got Dagur to help him catch it, in exchange for a Dragon Eye lens he had taken from Dagur as children.

Ansson had figured out the Thunderfish was attracted to shiny things like metal and tossed some metal scraps out on a line to fish for it. Thunderfish immediately took the bait. From the air, Dagur realized the Thunderfish was not a mythical monster, but a dragon - a Scauldron. Ansson erroneously thought that dragons don't live in the water. The Thunderfish attacked Ansson's boat with blasts of boiling water. Ansson saves Dagur by shining light in its eyes. Thunderfish leaves the Berserker's fishing area.

Back on Berserker Island, Dagur corrects the other fishermen that though the Thunderfish turned out to be a Scauldron, Ansson bravely fought the dragon and chased him off, thus fishing should be more productive.

Physical Appearance

Thunderfish is a typical representative of the Scauldron species. It is aqua in color.



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