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This is the list of memorable quotes of Throk. Feel free to add in more relevant and significant quotes.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

Defenders of the Wing, Part 1

All hail, Mala, Queen Defender of the Wing.
Perhaps he's offering himself as an easy kill.
Give the order, my Queen, and I shall obey.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

Defenders of the Wing, Part 2

A new king must first prove his worth to Mala. A new king must walk across the Pool of Valor.

Midnight Scrum

Not to worry, Hiccup Haddock. You're safe now.
A masked viking surprised me. He must have Hiccup Haddock.
Thor be with you, Dragon Riders.

Saving Shattermaster

This batch will be acceptable if you'll be so kind as to box them up for us.
This will be your second of three trials, Snotlout Jorgenson.
If you enjoy keeping deadly poisonous eels as pets, then yes.
If you'd like, you may take a weapon into the maze.
Your final test. Race to Queen Mala and allow this arrow to pierce your flesh instead of hers. If you survive, you will be her king. If not...

Shell Shocked, Part 1

The wrath of the Gods is upon us!
The explosions allowed him to slip away. I have failed you.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

A Matter of Perspective

Once the Eruptodon is unable to fulfill its duties, it leaves us to live out its golden years on Vanaheim.
Vanaheim. It will be its final resting place. This Great Protector has honored us with its presence for four decades.
Goodbye, old friend. Until we meet again in Valhalla.
It is a difficult day for us all.

The Wings of War, Part 1

My queen has had me scouting out some pristine locations where one could build a temporary boar pit.
What about a lava pit? Very dangerous. Hot, smoldering magma?
When someone saves the life of a Defenders of the Wing Warrior, there is debt that is created, and a duty to repay said debt. I shall be your personal protector until that moment arrives, Ms. Ruffnut.
Staying loose is key in battle.

The Wings of War, Part 2

Not on your life, friend.


I am on your shores today to fulfill a mission that is most personal and of the utmost importance.
A poem for the modern woman. Hair, it smells of flounder. Skin, rough like the coral of a thousand-year-old reef. Lips, dry as jerky made from the giant clam. No hand will be severed from this woman, for she is modern. She is Ruff. She is Nutt. She is Ruffnut.
A revenge kill. Hmm. I am conflicted. My love for Ruffnut on one hand, and on the other, a life dedicated to protecting dragons.
Ruffnut! While it gives me great glory to save your life, I feel as though perhaps we must allow this dragon to go free, as you should set free the pain that lives in your heart. Come with me, Ruffnut. Start a new life back on our island. I will provide for you. I will care for you. And, most importantly, I will kill for you.
Well, I've been doing a great deal of soul-searching. I've realized that you and Tuffnut, you belong together. I can't take you away from here and deprive you of the twin bond you enjoy. When joined together as one, you are a force and one that must remain intact for the good of the archipelago.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6

King of Dragons, Part 1

I must admit, my queen, the Dragon Rider seems to be correct.
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