Throk's Ship is a small longship that appears in the episode "Snuffnut".


This ship is small compared to others seen in the show. It has several ornate shields on both sides. Its flag is black, with a vertically orange line in the middle, and a drawing of an Eruptodon, the symbol of the Defenders of the Wing.

Like most other Viking Ships, it’s of Clinker design (a method of building a ship)


During the Changewing migration on Dragon's Edge, Throk visits the Dragon Riders and uses this ship for transport. He decks it at the Edge port, where the riders wait for him.

Later, he prepares to leave on the ship, only to be interrupted by Tuffnut's scream.

At the end of the episode, Throk talks to Ruffnut in front of his ship, before sailing home, to Caldera Cay.



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