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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

That's a very nice axe, Mr. Throk. [src]
  — Fishlegs  

Throk's Axe is Throk's main weapon during the events of Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

The Dragon Riders went to Caldera Cay to see why Viggo seems to be interested in the island in "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1" and "Defenders of the Wing, Part 2". They are captured by the Defenders of the Wing as accomplices of the Dragon Hunters. Throk wields his axe against them. He uses it to keep Astrid captive and to enforce their punishment, then later to defend Queen Mala.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

A bounty is placed on Hiccup's head in the episode, "Midnight Scrum". Throk looks for him and uses his axe to defend him against Krogan. The combat switches to hand-to-hand and ultimately Throk is defeated.

Throk and Mala go to the Northern Markets to purchase weapons. Throk carries along his axe on his back.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

Throk thinks that Ruffnut saved him from a landslide, and follows her to Berk to protect her. He employs his axe in her protection, even if it is from Tuffnut.

Physical Appearance

Throk's axe is a heavy light-colored metal with a gold or copper stylized Eruptodon and simple filigree. The filigree design continues down onto a short handle of dark wood.



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