Thorndrum wrote:
It's none of my business, but why did you decide to change accounts? Especially with over 15 thousand edits.

I don't mind you asking; it was bound to happen.

The shifting of accounts is simply because "Clodaghelm" - without the "C" at the end - is truly the username I want to go by. A bit silly, but I had that account disabled right after I created it (June 9, 2018) since I didn't see how much I could help the wiki (I was also very new to the FANDOM network and had no idea how things work). A month later, I discovered a copy of the first HTTYD 3 trailer in the purest quality I could find yet, however, so I thought I should substitute the low-quality ones with mine; that's why I decided to come back with that account. It was too late, though, since it was disabled globally, and I contacted FANDOM and asked if they could restore it, but they just told me about the guidelines for disabling accounts (looking back now, I think it was a bot who sent me that message). As a result, I reluctantly made this account, with my first activities involving a lot of maintenance stuff. Since I was not happy with this username, I inquired about changing usernames again, and this time, I was assisted by a real person, and was permitted to have that account restored. That's basically why I decided to change accounts now. You probably just asked for a simple and short explanation, but I just had to write the whole story for you to understand completely :)

To be honest, the number of edits do not matter to me; all I want is contribute what I can to the wiki of one of my favorite fandoms.

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