• I noticed that you started categorising images, too. While that is good, adding only the category Images is not enough. Categories for the media that the images are from, as well as the characters that appear in it, need to be added too. And in the case of special images, such as Renders and Gifs, they must have those categories as well. I'm telling you this because every 24 hours the Uncategorised images page refreshes and the categorised images are removed from it, making it impossible to track and find them afterwards.

    So please, if you continue to categorise images, add all the categories in which they belong.

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    • I don't do the categorizing of images from the uncategorized images page that much. And I do know that the uncategorized images page updates every 24 hours. However, while I have taken the time to add the initial category, adding the other categories takes more time, which is time that I, for the most part. am not willing to take, which means that I am going to very much limit how many images I do from the uncategorized images list.

      One other thing I noticed the other day, is that you categorized images that I uploaded. While that is helpful, I request you leave images that I uploaded alone, because I ALWAYS categorize my images, and I categorize them right after I put them on all the character galleries they belong on.

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    • If an image is categorised with at least one category, it will disappear from the uncategorised images list. Because of this, I won't be able to find it when the list refreshes and add the rest of the categories to it. All I'm asking is that you either add all the categories to an image, or leave it uncategorised, so that the whole process of categorising images is simpler. I have been able to identify almost all images I came across, so that isn't really a problem for me.

      As for your images, I thought I'd help you by categorising them, since I was working on the matter at that moment anyway. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, I'll leave you to it, no problem for me.

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