• Hey, I saw you uploaded several renders of ROB dragons. A couple things - if you could categorize the images, please. Also I have been working on some ROB renders as well. Of course you have no way of knowing that! I already had one for Death and Chocolate in my upload list, and one for Melonquarry, Outsnapper, and Dazzlesing that are finished but not uploaded. I was able to do those off of promo images that are better quality to make renders from. I also just completed Wavewight and Hotshot. If you don’t mind, I may replace the aforementioned ones you uploaded with mine, secondary to quality. I’m not sure when I am going to get to a computer though. Please feel free to place the ROB renders from my upload list on their respective pages if you like; I think there are a few others there. I still have not seen a better quality image for Gravedigger unfortunately.


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