• The first three paragraphs on the Toothless and Light Fury's Relationship are word for word on the Shipping wiki's page of these two! I should know as I was the onw who wrote that on that wiki alone!

    Zamyafield1028 has a habit of copy and pasting facts from one wiki onto another on both wikis. As their updates on the Stoick and Valka's Relationship were originally from the shipping wiki and the first version of the Shipping wiki's Toothless x Light Fury ship page by Zamyafield1028were were taken from this wiki, until I took it down replayed it with my own words for that wiki!

    I have took down those coped facts here, but you and the other admins might want to keep a close eye on Zamyafield1028's edits in the future. Because Zamyafield1028 keeps breaking the rulers on other wikis, than just this one and the shipping, it might be best to report the guy to the higher ups who can block Zamyafield1028, as well as her other wiki user accounts from all wiki, should she keep doing this.

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    • I'll refer your message to the admins (Hiccstrid and Tauriel) as there isn't much I can do, since I've already said something to her as well.

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    • As I have many times in the past. The reason I contacted the others as I didn't know which one of you would get back to me first.

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    • No problem. Working on a message to them now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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