• You may have seen, but I asked Hiccstrid about adding Rescue Rider dragons to such pages as Dragon Eggs, Baby Dragons, etc. He suggested asking the staff. Sorry it ha taken me some time to get to everyone :( What do you think?

    Also, would you be able to grab that image/video that was put on Twitter a week or two ago with the sing-along of the RR theme? I think it would be nice add to the Dragons: Rescue Riders Theme Song page.


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    • Tough one. I'm still more of an advocate of keeping a good level of separation between the main franchise and RR. I already see too many fans confused about it, both here and elsewhere. Just yesterday, a new user tried to start a campaign in Discussions to remove all RR media from our wiki because it's a different franchise and just doesn't belong here (I ended up deleting it for being her... fifth(?) post of the day 😛). Best I can come up with would be to create tabbed pages for qualifying articles. That makes the most sense to me.

      And unfortunately we can't use Twitter videos on wikia, because Twitter isn't a compatible video host. It would have to be somewhere like YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo. There's a list of compatible video hosts on the video upload page (and honestly I don't even recognise half of them). Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook aren't among them. And from what I can tell, those are the only sites that video has been posted.

      I can get screenshots of that video, however. But we already have screenshots of the opening theme. Do we just want more with the lyrics in image?

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    • Though I didn't see that particular discussion thread, yes, we have a few new people that have some confusion in general and don't appear to be taking the time to observe first.

      As you know, I like a little more inclusion - RR and HTTYD are separate, but not? I really appreciated the creators of RR trying to connect the show to the HTTYD Viking world, yet it is meant to be a standalone story separate from Hiccup's story. However, I don't see why we can't make tabbers for those types of pages listed above (Dragon Eggs, Dragon Moves, etc). Most of those pages are super long anyway.

      And thanks for checking into that video. That's a bummer. I don't think screenshots will be necessary though.

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    • So, I went ahead and just created a template for "HTTYD" and "Rescue Riders" for the Dragon Egg page as you suggested and Cloda seconded. The others were fine with adding RR eggs to the page. I renamed the original page and created Dragon Eggs (Franchise) / Rescue Riders. Then I went to fix the links ... it occurred to me- why do we not have a "Dragon Eggs (Books)" page? There's plenty of species eggs mentioned or seen the The Incomplete Book of Dragons has a whole section for them. Really, we ought to create a "Dragon Eggs (Books)", which means RR eggs ought to go on a "Dragon Eggs (Franchise)" page ... three tabs is too much IMO. Hmmmmm, unless we make RR Eggs a sub-page? Like we could do a tabbed page for "Dragon Eggs (Franchise)" and "Dragon Eggs (Books)", and then "Dragon Eggs (Franchise) / Rescue Riders". I do feel this particular page is getting too long. What do you think? I'll direct Cloda here also for her opinion.

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    • I support keeping a level of separation between the main franchise and RR, however I do agree it's unnecessary that RR be kept at the same distance as the book series is. So if sub-pages is the next best thing, let's go with that.

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    • A subpage out of "Dragon Eggs (Franchise)" does sound like a good idea, as I believe it would give us much more space to incorporate actual RR content.

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    • Okie Dokie, I start working on it!

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