• It looks like you idicated that you translated the Personality sections for the Night Light Characters from the Polish page? Is it word for word or did you rephrase it? I am just asking because it has come up elsewhere about 'copy/pasting' written sections from other Wikis (though translated bits might be a little different). basically, it appears that there is no official Wikia rule against 'copy/pasting' from other Wikis or vice-versa, but is seems to be generally frowned upon and not good practice to take others' work for our own, at least without referencing or quoting it. There has been incidences of a user copy/pasting back and forth between this and another Wiki and other users were not happy with this. So I guess is the translated text in your own words or paraphrased or word-for-word? If the latter we should reword it or reference it (but that would be a little weird, I think). Hope this makes sense! Thanks!

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