• What is the problem with the images and please don't start with the word excessive beacause most of the it's just a issue to keep handling some content. And please let other users to fill in images because I'm pretty sure a hand of help it's not so bad . So to finish what's the matter that you suddenly delete all from night lights because they don't have enough images from movie.

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    • The problem is your continual negligence of the Manual of Style, Youngtrainer.

      Such a large number of screenshots from a 15-second scene is unnecessary, even if the intention is to flesh out galleries. Furthermore, taking a screenshot from every frame isn't allowed since it hurts the look of galleries, as was the previous case with Gallery: Krogan's Singetail. I don't condone what you did, but I understand it. You might do this because you're trying to give more credit to these characters in appearance, but there's nothing we can do about a character appearing just momentarily—that's on the creators. Apart from this habit, you often tend to leave a well-conditioned gallery in a poor, disorganized state, because you don't place your uploads in the order in which they occurred. By also leaving your files uncategorized, you make it harder for the rest of us to catch up and get all the pictures sorted and categorized.

      Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with people helping out and filling in "gaps", but it is certainly wrong to be part of a community and constantly toss the rules aside despite being reminded and warned on a number of occasions over the past year or so. You are constantly treated with such actions, not because we are against you, but because we are trying to inculcate in you a sense of responsibility and respect for the rules, the likes of which are crucial to your cooperation in our aim to keep the wiki as clean, consistent, and structured as possible.

      I hope this makes sense for you.

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    • And for Httyd hidden world images I see that you fill the important moments but Others can not put because is improved.... A little bit yes but don't you want to fill some moments with more images?

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    • A FANDOM user
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