• Hi Cloda,

    This user joined today with your user name (minus one letter), and profile pic. I was wondering if it was you. If it is, all is well, but if not, the admins might want to help you keep an eye on them in the case of any delinquent behaviour.

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    • It's my account, yes. I am still establishing that one on the wikis to which I wish to contribute, so I could not post a message on this wall right away to inform people that I am going to switch accounts permanently - sorry!

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    • It's none of my business, but why did you decide to change accounts? Especially with over 15 thousand edits.

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    • Ah ok, no need to apologize. ūüėä All's well then. I hope whatever issue you're having is sorted out and the transition goes smoothly from here on out.

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    • Thorndrum wrote:
      It's none of my business, but why did you decide to change accounts? Especially with over 15 thousand edits.

      I don't mind you asking; it was bound to happen.

      The shifting of accounts is simply because "Clodaghelm" - without the "C" at the end - is truly the username I want to go by. A bit silly, but I had that account disabled right after I created it (June 9, 2018) since I didn't see how much I could help the wiki (I was also very new to the FANDOM network and had no idea how things work). A month later, I discovered a copy of the first HTTYD 3 trailer in the purest quality I could find yet, however, so I thought I should substitute the low-quality ones with mine; that's why I decided to come back with that account. It was too late, though, since it was disabled globally, and I contacted FANDOM and asked if they could restore it, but they just told me about the guidelines for disabling accounts (looking back now, I think it was a bot who sent me that message). As a result, I reluctantly made this account, with my first activities involving a lot of maintenance stuff. Since I was not happy with this username, I inquired about changing usernames again, and this time, I was assisted by a real person, and was permitted to have that account restored. That's basically why I decided to change accounts now. You probably just asked for a simple and short explanation, but I just had to write the whole story for you to understand completely :)

      To be honest, the number of edits do not matter to me; all I want is contribute what I can to the wiki of one of my favorite fandoms.

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    • The length is¬†alright, I was hoping for a long answer actually¬†:P. But, thank you for explaining it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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