• Ok im asking you questions idividually cuz the other two are just... idk. AWESOME is being helpful, but newt... not so much. The number one reason im incredibly confused is what is happening in the entire story? I know hardly anything of the entire universe yall have created but idk what to do with Cirilla and just her background. Dont get me wrong its incredibly helpful, just that i need a short summary of like the entire story. Im sorry about that. It doesnt need to be long, just to give me background info so i can get somewhere. I tried reding the forums you all have and only got more confused XD. But if ya could, itd be much apprieciated.

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    • hi nutt! UUuuuhh yeah sorry about the two. I'll handle them for now. Its just that awesome wants u to join and perhaps even take the role of cirilla but its newt's character and newt isn't that well-handling what to do with cirilla, but at the same time, doesnt want to let her go without anjy conditions. what those conditions are, idk, we're talking about it XD oof sorry if they (we) get out of hand). I cant explain more here tho. I barely log in anymore. Can you message me on discord? I'll gladly tell you what i know ;)

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    • Ok will do. Lol I need to make a discord tho. I’ll do it later on I can’t rn. Thanks for helping.

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    • Our story is basically:

      1. Newt, Red (Hana), NIk (me) and Cora (Dadwagon) all live on Berk, or are on Berk by the start of the story.

      2. Riley (the guy who kinda had the whole idea), is a character who lives in the Hidden World, with his dragon Moonlight. The two go into the surface world freely but Riley is really lonely, his mum died when he was 8 (he's now like 15/16).

      3a). We go through a lot of sections doing kinda random stuff. If you read the Sections list so far at the bottom of this page (, you can get a vague idea of what happened.

      3b) We introduce Newt, Cora fights her fear of dogs (friending Momo), Riley gives us weapons, we train and argue and do stuff.

      - Newt goes in the forest and almost died, Nik follows him and almost dies as well. Meanwhile, the girls break into Newt's house to delete a message from his phone.

      - Riley throws a party for Thor knows why, and we all go. The girls go to Victoria Secret for some reason beforehand, and a cute Newra moment happens at the party. Red sees Nik with a "cute blonde" (Riley's words) and Riley snatches Red for a 'date' that didn't go as planned. Stuff happens and then the Berkian forest is suddenly on fire, and Riley is running into it, and we all chase after him (I think we run through Mildew's old cabbage patch) but we're too late. Riley is 'presumed' dead, from the fire.

      - A kid called Arkin (who is actually gay and is Red's childhood crush) dobs all of us including Trista (the "cute blonde") as the culprits of the Berk fire even though we weren't. So we go through a trial and plot twist, my mum's the acting chief of Berk (it's a democracy now).

      - Everyone faces consequences, Cora gets kicked from home, Red gets all her secret artwork destroyed, Nik gets grounded indefinitely and Newt's parents bring in some rich ass lawyers.

      - We were using the abandoned Dragon Arena for our 'training' but that was now off limits (it was where the 'out of control' party was held)... so we needed a new place. So Newt and Cora went hunting for this cool cove on this far beach that Newt used to go to when he was younger.

      - Meanwhile Red and Nik managed to work up a plan, with both of them sneaking out of their homes at night to get the weapons back from this secret room in the arena. There's an awkward interaction with Arkin who catches us (Arkin bullies Red's love btw)... and the two escape, sharing a sunrise together (it was close to Midnight Sun), before Nik heads back to his indefinite exile.

      - Stuff happens, with Cora going into the forest, deciding whether her childhood dream of dragons is real, finding these 'scales' all over the place.

      - Nik finds out from Trista (who is actually Nik's cousin unbeknownst to a maybe jealous Red) that Gina Larson, the daughter of one of the members on the Berk Council, went missing the previous night on the beach on the far North side. Coincidentally, this is the same beach that we had our new hidey-hole.

      - So Nik escapes to warn the others, finding Red, and telling her to find Newt or Cora and the weapons. Nik starts to hallucinate and stuff while looking for Newra (I forgot why). Red turns up with Cora, and we start to empty the place out. But we find out that Newt had given the weapons to his uncle to sell, (where's Newt?) and then Trista turns up.

      - So Trista is there, some stuff happens, then Trista runs away. Red chases her, and so does Nik, on the sandy beach. Then the floor opens up and we're falling into this cave. Cora, following behind us is trapped on the beach alone.

      - Tris, Red and Nik are in the Sandbuster Cave, and we find Gina Larson there and Newt's uncle, who had our weapons. (Newt's uncle was like a trader)... We avoid the Sandbuster, but we live with consequences. Red lost her leg. Also, Nik got inspirited by Viggo by grabbing onto his sword. (some magical property of a dying Skrill's blood and a soul)... Btw I'm pretty sure Newt's uncle might've died.

      - Meanwhile, Cora starts going her own journey, finding a way into these caves, finding Gina, managing to get her back up on the beach but getting trapped in the cave. Cora follows a different tunnel all the way to New Berk (spoilers) and she's there right now. Actually, in her latest section, Cora had a flashback/memory/nightmare, and kinda shouted out for him to "Go away". So Momo left Cora, truly alone. (It was actually pretty sad).

      - Meanwhile, Newt went full sicko mode and had the cops following him. so while he was almost caught a dragon (yes an actual dragon) came and saved him. He fell unconscious and when he came to he met a living Riley (in the Hidden World). Newt fainted again and is currently with Riley doing some stuff in The Hidden World. Newt can't return to Berk because he's now seen The Hidden World.

      - Meanwhile, meanwhile, Tris and Red and Nik are walking (and carrying legless Red) down this tunnel. Nik starts making weird Journey to the Centre of the Earth references while we suddenly meet this huge waterful which we're inside of. As we have nowhere else to go, we see a gap in the water flow, and we all jump. After falling for eternity we manage to not die from the impact but land in a huge (slightly warm) sea. We're in the hidden world. Nik has just washed up on an island is going insane from Viggo issues, and will soon (hopefully) train his dragon. Hana will be doing her sections after her exams and stuff...

      And that's where we're at.

      Sorry for butting into your private conversation. But this took me a long time to write. A good memory jog actually.

      Our first chapter (7 sections) has officially been uploaded on our DWAT wiki.

      You can read them in the link below.

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    • Oof well yeah basically 😂😂

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    • ... ok. Thanks. A lot. Yay.

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