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Thors'day Thursday appeared in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise in the game of the same name - How to Train Your Dragon.


One year after the defeat of the Red Death, Chief Stoick decrees Thors'day Thursday a day to commemorate the end of the war with dragons and of Vikings and Dragons working together. The main event is to be a Dragon Training Tournament. The victor will be dubbed the "Dragon Master".


The main event of Thors'day Thursday is a Tournament pitting Rider and dragon against each other in a fight, to showcase dragon-training talent. The player chooses Astrid or Hiccup to play against the other Dragon Riders, as well as other minor characters (in the Nintendo DS version).

Additionally, in the Nintendo DS version of the How to Train Your Dragon (game), the player - as Astrid or Hiccup - must complete a number of quests to qualify for the Tournament.

  1. Obtain a flag from the Forest on Berk.
  2. Obtain a shield from the Shield Tree in the Forest on Berk.
  3. Obtain a war banner.
  4. Obtain a staff from the Forest.
  5. Obtain a bell from the summit of Dragon Tooth Mountain.


  • There are potentially variations in quests and activities depending which character - Astrid or Hiccup - the player chooses for game play.

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