Thordis Skallagrimsdottir was a legendary hero from the time of Bork the Bold who was one of history's first Dragon Riders.


Training Sappheral

At some point, Thordis fell in love with a man, who was later murdered by a jealous rival. The rival framed Thordis for his death, leading to her banishment to the Isle of Doom, which was seen as a death sentence due to the Deathgrippers present on the island.

Thordis survived for three weeks on the island while hiding from the Deathgrippers. While on the island, she encountered Sappheral, a Deathgripper whose wing had been crippled in a battle with another dragon. The dragon's wounds were festering and he was close to death, but Thordis was able to use her knowledge of healing herbs to nurse him back to health. This experience caused the two to bond, with the two becoming inseparable. Sappheral proceeded to protect Thordis from the dangers of the Isle of Doom and then eventually flew her back to her home town in order to take revenge on the man who had killed her lover. Her vengeance was said to be so ghastly that generations later parents still terrify their children with the story of the "Black Widow and her Sappheral" who will come for anyone who allows jealousy to interfere with true love.

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