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Thor's Ore is a material seen only in the defunct game, Flight of the Night Fury.


Thor's Ore appears to be a crystalline, multi-colored rock, often on a base of grey rock that is only found in Dark Deep. It is a very strong substance coveted by Vikings. Presumably it is some sort of metal baring rock or mineral that looks a lot like a gemstone.


According to the game's text, Thor's Ore is highly valued for making shields due to its strength.

And make sure that shield's made of Thor's Ore. Its the strongest material known to Vikings.
  Gobber in Flight of the Night Fury  


  • Gronckle Iron seems to have replaced Thor's Ore in the Franchise as the strongest metal.
  • The Foreverwing in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk finds items for players that can be applied to completing Collections. One such item looks similar to Thor's Ore and it is possible the object may have been derived from it.


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