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The World According to Snotlout, also called The Wit and Wisdom of Snotlout, is a book written by Snotlout Jorgenson about himself.


In "Family Matters", when Snotlout notices the unlimited number of Singetails that Johann and Krogan are capturing, Astrid suggests he write about all the things only he notices, as a joke. Snotlout takes this literally and quickly takes out a book and a pencil and begins to write. He spends the rest of the episode writing chapters of this book. Astrid admits at the end of the episode that the book, and especially the final chapter, "The Egg and I", was actually very well written.


  • Chapter One: "The Many Ways I Am Unappreciated."
    • "Like many other visionaries, my insight into this world..."
  • Chapter Two: "Never Be the Guy Who Stays Behind by Himself."
  • Chapter Three: "Don't Bring Untrainable Dragons Home. Duh!"
  • Chapter Four: "People Always Steal My Credit."
  • Chapter Five: "Hiccup Haddock, Missing a Leg and a Backbone."
  • Chapter Six: "Wild Dragons on Missions. Now, There's a Bad Idea."
  • Chapter Seven: "Snotlout's Monstrous Nightmare Gel Saves the Day Again."
  • Chapter Eight: "Hiccup's Plans Stink!"
  • Chapter Nine: "Congratulations, Hiccup, You Finally Got Me Killed."
  • Chapter Ten: "Don't Bring an Egg-eating Dragon to an Island Full of Eggs."
  • Chapter Eleven: "It's Up to the Snot, Again."
  • Chapter Twelve: "The Egg and I."


  • This is the second book being written seen in Dragons: Race To The Edge. The previous book was written by the Twins and was a Traveler's Guide.
    • The Twins worried that The World According to Snotlout would push their traveler's guide off of the bestseller list.
  • The Twins are redacted from the acknowledgments. 

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