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Hiccup: "W-Where is everybody? The riders, all your teammates?"
Gustav: "Went to the Edge. The chief decided to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Dragon Flyers."
Hiccup: "I hate it when he launches pre-emptive strikes."

"The Wings of War, Part 2" is the ninth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5. It is part two of a two-part episode. It was released on Netflix on August 25, 2017.


When Stoick decides to take the battle on the Dragon Flyers to the Edge, the Riders must figure out how to trap the Flyers and take back the Edge.
  — DreamworksTV[1]  


Hiccup is pulled out of the way just as the Singetail fires at him in point blank range. He is brought to a secluded and well supplied cave by his rescuer, Spitelout. Spitelout turns out to have been studying the Singetails as well but in retribution for destroying his storehouse and endangering his son. Hiccup seeks out his help to reunite with Toothless.

At Dragon's Edge, Viggo has successfully retrieved the Dragon Eye, he and Krogan head for Dragon Edge's clubhouse. Krogan expresses his doubts of the Dragon Eye's working condition after being left exposed by the intense heat of the volcano. Viggo has it tested but as Krogan expected, the device fails to function. Nevertheless, Viggo snarkily asks Krogan that he be left alone with its repairs. Meanwhile, the Riders continue training at the Academy. Tuffnut can no longer tolerate Throk being Ruffnut's protector by marching toward the couple and exposing Ruffnut's lies of her having rescued Throk. But even after learning the truth, Throk does not relent as he explains he has now become smitten with Ruffnut. Stoick visits the arena looking for his son. Astrid shares to Stoick that he left to find other answers to their problem. In spite of this, Stoick intends to discuss plans with Astrid instead.

As Spitelout and Hiccup venture the island, Hiccup learns that Spitelout has become familiar with several of the Singetails behavior, naming most of them similar to his while one Singetail he refers to as Stoick due to his prideful nature. They soon hear Toothless in a fight with a Singetail and rush to the scene. However, Spitelout recognizes Toothless' opponent as the most dangerous of all the Singetails, the one he calls: Deathlout. Spitelout plans a diversion, drawing away Deathlout while Hiccup rejoins with Toothless. Spitelout skillfully leads Deathlout into a net trap and celebrates having fulfilled his goal. Spitelout soon starts packing to leave but Hiccup persuades him to stay longer as he attempts to study the Singetail for any weaknesses. But as he approaches it, the Singetail torches the ground all around him. Just as he expected, Spitelout signals it's time to leave as the fires mark a Singetail distress call. When Spitelout and Hiccup take to the air, the Singetails arrive and fire at them. Spitelout teaches Hiccup an effective evasive maneuver by having their dragons fly straight up causing the Singetails to abandon their pursuit. From this experience, Hiccup finally has the answer on dealing with the dragon flyers and that Spitelout is integral to it.

Hiccup returns to Berk to rejoin Stoick and the Riders at the Arena but finds it deserted. Gustav, however, remains behind and informs Hiccup that Stoick has assembled the dragon riders and Berk's fleet to launch a pre-emptive assault on Dragon's Edge. With limited time, Hiccup brings Gustav along as they hurry to catch up with them. Viggo has done his best to repair the Dragon Eye and conducts his test on it alone. The Dragon Eye finally starts working, but Viggo seems to sense that Krogan is secretly watching him with the intent to backstab. Before Viggo could react, a dragon hunter scout alerts him that Berk's forces are approaching. Viggo exits the clubhouse but not before giving his remarks for Krogan to improve on his assassination attempt. Viggo sends forth the first wave of dragon flyers to intercept their enemies.

A fierce battle erupts in the night sky between the clashing dragons. The riders try their best resorting only to remove the flyers themselves but know they would have to set aside their morals and inflict harm on the singetails. Krogan observes that the Berkians are on the defensive and seizes the chance to annihilate them, committing all remaining flyers. Viggo sees this as flawed but happily obliges to let Krogan direct the battle alone. The second wave of flyers begins to exhaust the riders. Hiccup finally enters the scene and the riders' morale is boosted but then left confused as Hiccup passes right through them. Hiccup lands at a small island to inspect Spitelout's progress with the plan by bringing the still captured Deathlout to the scene of the battle. Their plan begins with Spitelout making the Singetail redo the distress call by torching the assembled wood stacks near it. This draws the attention of all the dragon flyers' Singetails to gather at their location. Seeing this to be Hiccup's answer to the war, Stoick orders a full frontal assault to retake the now barely defendable Dragon's Edge.

Meanwhile, the dragon flyers are helpless to stop their Singetails from aiding their troubled kin. Hiccup, Spitelout, and Gustav spring into action by scattering throughout the island's forest. When the Singetails pursue them, the flyers get separated by planted net traps in the trees. Most of the Singetails abandon their abusive riders while some help Deathlout escape his trap. A lone dragon flyer still remains and engages Hiccup and Toothless. With no traps left, Hiccup and Toothless resort having it follow them upward. Too high up, the Singetail struggles and falls back down. Now vulnerable, Toothless has a clear shot of the dragon flyer and shoots him out of the Singetail's back.

Viggo humiliates Krogan for losing all his dragon flyers but reluctantly has to fall back with him. Astrid and Stoick are the first to get close to the Edge just as they find Krogan mounting his Singetail and abandoning their base. Astrid notices that someone else is riding with him but first must give chase to find out the identity. Stoick and Skullcrusher are knocked out of the pursuit, while Astrid is able to get closer. She is shock to learn that the person riding with Krogan is Viggo himself, having initially thought to have died but now possesses the Dragon Eye as well. Astrid and Stormfly try to make one last push to take them down but Krogan has his Singetail accelerate with such speed that she loses them entering a fog bank.

Afterwards, Berk resupplies and repairs Dragon's Edge after a successful retaking without harming any Singetails, all thanks to the combined efforts of Hiccup and Spitelout. Astrid returns and immediately discloses what she witnesses to the entire group. The riders are all anxious with the revelation that Viggo is alive and has the Dragon Eye. But Hiccup reassures them that they are still unaware of Hiccup's ongoing work on a replica, to which the riders are enthusiastic for its completion.

Snotlout breaks up the meeting when he points their attention to a disturbing scene of Throk massaging a blissful Ruffnut's foot whilst Tuffnut happily massages Throk's foot. This renders everyone silent while Snotlout heads for the beach and screams at the ocean until memories of what he just witnessed is finally erased.


  • The dragon trap Spitelout used was called the "Jorgenson Yak Master" in the episode "Turn and Burn", but Spitelout calls it the "Snaptrapper" in this one, which elsewhere in the franchise is actually a species of dragon.
  • The events of "Turn and Burn" are referenced when Spitelout tells Hiccup why he needs to get revenge on the Singetails.




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