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Hiccup, it's not the battle that counts, son. It's the war. And this one has just begun.

"The Wings of War, Part 1" is the eighth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5. It is part one of a two-part episode. It was released on Netflix on August 25, 2017.


Hiccup and the Riders are on the run from the Flyers, but when they return to Berk, where Stoick is preparing for war, Hiccup is torn between his desire to get the Edge back and his unwillingness to fire on dragons.


Hiccup and Toothless awaken and exit their hut to find the rest of the riders depressed after losing Dragon's Edge and has now sought refuge on Caldera Bay. Mala and Throk help cheer out the Riders by distracting themselves to do their old habits in their island.

At the peak of the Edge's volcano, Krogan observes as Viggo uses Hiccup's diving bell to enter the crater as he insists that the Dragon Eye is intact when he fell down there with it. Viggo even tried to grab it back but when he tried to reach it, a lava burst scarred half of his face forcing him to withdraw. Now, Viggo makes preparations but asks Krogan if the 12 Dragon Flyers present will be enough to defend them from the Riders. Krogan reassures him that those are his best flyers who are willing to endanger their dragons' lives if Hiccup would even decide to harm them.

Fishlegs enjoys feeding Meatlug with the island's best rocks while Throk leads the Twins to their lava pit, eager to get in and wrestle the Eruptodon. However, Dragon Flyers attack their positions and the Twins get caught up in the singetails' blasts, where one causes a rock slide that almost crushes Ruffnut but is pushed out of the way by Throk, knocking him unconscious as a result. Though grateful, the Twins nonchalantly have their dragon pick his body up. The Riders take to the skies to engage the flyers but the villagers below cannot sustain the attacks. Hiccup reluctantly has to order the Riders to abandon the Defenders of the Wing to lure away the dragon flyers.

The exhausted riders are driven to settle on an uninhabited island for the night. Throk awakens and regains consciousness but has lost his memory of the past events. Ruffnut fills him in by falsely claiming that his head was badly hit during the attack and almost died but was saved by her. Throk becomes grateful for her rescue that he symbolically kneels before her, duty bound to now be his personal protector until the debt of being rescued is repaid. The dragon flyers soon catch up and the Riders are forced to resume their retreat. Hiccup tries to buy time by having Toothless take out one of the flyers, but its rider counters by forcing the singetail to take the brunt of the blast. Unwilling to hurt any dragon, Hiccup is compelled to have the Riders' dragons abort their attacks. Hiccup presses the Riders to withdraw into the fog bank and regroup all the way back to Berk. The dragon flyers are left to watch them escape as the singetails fear entering the fog.

At Berk, Hiccup discloses to his fahter their lost of the Edge to their enemies. Knowing that Berk is their next target, Stoick has the village make preparations of its defenses. Hiccup pleads Stoick to spare the singetails of any harm and to target only their flyers. Stoick is not keen to concede as they have no way of fighting the two separately when the time comes. Stoick and Gobber inspects the village where every viking equip to arm themselves. Gobber reminds his friend the terrible cost it would inflict on Berk when attacking dragons are under the control of the most corrupt men. This leads Stoick to recall decades ago, the sudden intrusion of Drago Bludvist at the gathering of chiefs where his dragons burned down the hall, after they refused to believe his claims of being the sole controller of dragons. Stoick is the only one to escape and witnesses the retreating figures of Drago and Krogan themselves, before they are carried away by their dragons. Stoick believes a repeat is bound to happen and therefore have to resort in killing dragons again.

Meanwhile, Krogan inspects Viggo's progress with finding the Dragon Eye, but after having sent several dragon hunters in the diving bell, most failed and have died trying. Krogan presses Viggo to just send more hunters inside the crater for each descent. Krogan then starts settling in the captive singetails in the Edge while he makes Snotlout's hut as his personal headquarters. Viggo joins the dragon hunter Krogan forcefully scent, in their search for the Dragon Eye. When Viggo spots it, the two enter the lava filled crater but the dragon hunter loses his footing, Viggo makes the unexpected action of rescuing his accomplice. The dragon hunter is gratefully indebted to him since he knows Krogan would've just left him to die.

Flying above, Hiccup watches Berk, along with his Riders, now back under a state of war against dragons. Later on, settling on a seastack, Hiccup laments the possibility of dying dragons to Astrid. She tries to convince Hiccup that they are left with hard decisions that they must now take. Hiccup sees the similarity of Astrid's advise to his fathers and have had enough. Hiccup realizes that he will never be in line with Astrid and Stoick's solutions so he flies off with Toothless to head for Storehouse island to learn a way to save the singetails. The two observe a single singetail for hours, but its basic behavior provides nothing of benefit. When it sleeps, Hiccup moves in to befriend it despite Toothless's worries. The Singetail wakes up and becomes wary of Hiccup's presence, driving Toothless to attack it but the singetail pushes him far away, leaving Hiccup defenseless with the dragon.

Wingwp15.png A regretful Hiccup runs away and seems to have evaded the wild dragon. When he emerges from his hiding spot, the singetail jumps in that startles Hiccup to fall on the ground. Hiccup can only watch as the Singetail readies to engulf him in flames.


  • Viggo references Hiccup using the Diving Bell to lower people safely into a volcano from the episode "Out of the Frying Pan", even though there's no way he could have known that.
  • This is the 100th episode of the DreamWorks Dragons TV series.
  • This is the only two part episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge where neither Dagur or Heather appear.
  • Drago Bludvist appears briefly in flashback footage from How to Train Your Dragon 2, and his back is seen in new footage created exclusively for this episode.





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