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The Twins' Mother in an unnamed character mentioned many times in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise. She's the mother of Ruffnut Thorston and Tuffnut Thorston.


Not Allowing a Tattoo

While the teens are gathered around a fire cooking, Tuff brags how it's his destiny to kill dragons, and reveals a mark somewhere on his body as proof. At seeing it, Fishlegs asks in surprise if his mother let him get a tattoo, to which Tuff responds no, that it's a birthmark. Ruff immediately insists that it's fake since they've known each other since birth.

Reference as the Birthgiver

Their mother is mentioned indirectly when the twins are both caught in a net and Tuff states that the situation is "worse than the womb".

Singing to her Children

Try one of those songs Mom used to sing to you when you were little and were afraid of the dark.
  — Tuffnut  

While trying to calm down Scauldy, Tuffnut suggests Ruffnut to sing a lullaby their mother sang to them when they were little.

Missing the Twins

Stoick orders Hiccup to get the "troublemakers" off Berk, referring to Bing, Bam, and Boom. But Tuff misunderstands and, in thinking the chief is talking about him and Ruff, replies that their mother will miss them.

Broken Legs


Tuff uses a phrase he thinks goes like "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few legs". Hiccup corrects him, and Ruff suddenly declares that they have some apologies to make. Tuff suggests they'd better start with their mom before they both run off.

Gifted Gems

Jewels, jewels! You know what we're gonna do? We're bringing them back for the family. Mom will be so happy. Wait, but how are we going to carry all these back to Berk?
  — Tuffnut in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1  

When the twins are stealing gems from a Dragon Hunter ship, Tuff proclaims that their mother will be so proud when they bring all the riches home to her.

Another Reference as the Birthgiver

When Tuff is delirious over a dragon he saw, Ruff tells him that he's scaring her, and reminds him that they "shared a womb" to suggest exactly how bad that is.

Naming her Children


When Tuff thinks he's turning into a Lycanwing, he applauds his sister for being strong during his ordeal, saying their mother should have named her "Tuff/Tough". Ruff responds that no, she named him "Tuff", and she did so for a reason.

Seeing a Mother in the Abstract


The twins are able to realize that Fishlegs old notes from Dragon Eye research form a map that might lead them to the possibly extinct Buffalord. Snotlout is surprised they were able to figure it out. Ruffnut replies that they are "experts at interpreting abstract images" and demonstrate by Ruffnut flashing images of simple shapes to Tuffnut. A picture of a simple oval reminds Tuffnut of their mother.

Third Reference to the Birthgiver

And it just so happens that Ruff and I have mediated every Thorston family squabble, since before we could talk. Yeah, we did a couple in the old womb.
  — Tuffnut in "Chain of Command"  

In "Chain of Command", Tuffnut and Ruffnut mediate the tension between Mala and Dagur. Fishlegs tries his version of mediation with little success. The Twins claim to have experience in mediation dating back to their time in the "womb".

Fourth Reference as the Birthgiver

Ruff asks Grimmel if he's a twin, thinking that could be a possible cause for his long head. She explained that Tuff took up all the room in their mom's belly, resulting in her long head and small brains.

Feeding her Children

Do you have any clams? They're like little mouths with slimy food inside that's already chewed like the way Mom used to do it. ... Until I turned twelve and she was like... "CHEW YOUR OWN FOOD!" And I was like, "NO I DON'T LIKE IT!" [src]
  — Ruffnut  

It is revealed in a rant by Ruffnut that she chewed up the twins' food for them until they were twelve.


The twins' parents together raised them as if they were a single person, as is mentioned in "Twinsanity", and deprived them of much individuality. They also had little sense of sentiment when they gave the twins a pet yak only to feed it to them later and give them coats made from its hide. It's revealed however in "Free Scauldy" that their mother would often sing to them before bed.


Though Tuff says she's not the best, Ruff does know how to cook, and it may have been their mother who taught her.


Tuff and his mother seem to have a close bond given how protective Tuff usually is when mentioning her.

The Twins' Father

Ruff mentions in "Snotlout Gets the Axe" that her family isn't the marrying kind, so their parents may not be officially married.


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