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Winger: "Sturdy design."
Cutter: "Good sight lines"
Burple: "Oh, it's so cool. Can Haggis sleep over?"
Dak: "It does look pretty great."
Duggard the Decisive: "Then it's decided. The lighthouse is the new home of the Rescue Riders."[src]

The Roost is a converted lighthouse used as a home base for the members of the Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


The exterior of the Roost consists of a wide base constructed of wood and stone, with a central white-painted stone tower rising about four stories high. The top is capped with a conical, sloping red roof. The top story has a wooden wrap-around balcony. Tall arching windows are interspersed around the tower. Below the ground floor is a large, cavernous basement of sorts. There is a double-doored entrance beneath the hill to this basement area. The Rescue Riders have installed a zip-line from the top of the lighthouse to the ground, in order to quickly descend without having to use the stairs.


The interior of the lighthouse proper is very open with shelving and a winding staircase leading to the top of the building. Presumably the sleeping area for the humans Dak and Leyla are on the top floor. The ground floor also has a large fireplace. On the floor is a trapdoor, leading to a cavern beneath the structure, which the dragons refer to as their 'sleeping cave'. The cave is unfinished, with a depression in the center where the dragons keep red-hot heated stone for warmth.



The Roost serves as the home and base of the Rescue Riders. It is a place where they can sleep and eat, as well as play games and train for rescue missions.


The Rescue Riders bring home and raise lost and orphaned dragon eggs at the roost. They have equipped the building with supplies such as small hay nests, warm fires, bath tubs, and toys.

Training Grounds

The Rescue Riders use the area adjacent to the Roost as training grounds for target practice or scenario training.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

In "The Nest", the Rescue Riders saved the Chief of Huttsgalor from a shipwreck and took him home. They also helped with repair of the village after a terrible storm. After some hijinks, the Chief asked the Rescue Riders to stay in Huttsgalor. He offered the old, un-used lighthouse as a home for them.

Dak set up a training area just outside the Roost to practice 'fast blast drills' with a large number of brightly colored bullseye targets, in "Deep Trouble"

Burple encountered the Phantom Fang outside the Roost's sleeping cave in "Boo to You".

In "Where There's Smoke, the Rescue Riders brought a Fire Fury named Aggro back to the Roost and showed her around. They invited her to join the team and she accepted.

Aggro was left alone to watch a fire just outside the Roost in "Iced Out", making her feel isolated and un-needed.

Most of the dragon Rescue Riders were grounded at the Roost due to being ill with the Dreaded Dragon Flu in "Sick Day". They inadvertently cause some minor damage due to their inability to control their abilities.

The Roost was attacked by a trio of Slinkwings in "Home Alone". Aggro, Burple, and Cutter were left to tend to three dragon eggs that the Slinkwings wanted to eat. At first the three Rescue Riders boarded up the windows and doors to prevent entry, but were later tricked by the Slingwings to hand over the eggs.

The Roost becomes the home of three newly hatched Slobber Smelters in "Slobber Power".

A windy storm blows up and the windows on the Roost are not able to withstand the gales in "Crash Course". Leyla moves her books and other items into the dragon sleep cave, where mischievous babies tip over a jar of Slinkwing slime onto Cutter.

A pair of Fire Furies - Cinda and Laburn - visit the Roost and party so hard they make a huge mess outside in "Furious Fun".

In "Grumblegard, Part 1", the Roost is host to a pair of screaming Baby Shriekscales.

A large dragon named Grumblegard invades Huttsgalor and confronts the Riders at the Roost. Later he is grounded by Slinkwing goo, and eventually allies with the Riders.

Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

In "Double Finked", the Rescue Riders received a mysterious dragon egg at the Roost. The also welcomed a boy named Axel, who wanted to join the Rescue Riders. He helped them around the Roost, especially in placing the egg in a proper nest.

In "Mecha-Menace", the Rescue Riders took a couple of Luck Lanterns to the Roost in order to paint them. Magnus and Axel sneaked up inside the Roost in order to get some measurements from Summer. They were discovered by Dak, so they pretended to have come for a luck lantern.

In "Summer Holiday", after an exhausting mission, the Rescue Riders return to The Roost. They prepared for dinner, but they realized that they were to tired, so they go to sleep instead. The next day, they decided to go on a vacation, so they left the Roost early in the morning.

In "Puff Enuf", the Rescue Riders found a Puffertail named Zeppla, whom they brought to the Roost. She was amazed by what the Rescue Riders were doing, so she asked them to train her. They set up various training exercises in the backyard of the Roost, but Zeppla failed all of them. After a rescue mission to save Elbone, during which Zeppla proved herself to be a hero, the Rescue Riders returned to the Roost, where they congratulated her.

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Aggro slept outside the Roost, beside a fire, much to everyone's confusion. After she went to Boiling Springs Valley in the middle of the night, the rest of the Rescue Riders followed her around the Roost.

In "High Anxiety", Burple decided to behave like a human for a day, so he followed Dak around the Roost and tried to mimic his actions. When going to town, Burple used the wooden bridge, which broke due to his weight. The Rescue Riders went to Hannahr for help. She made new wood pieces and reinforced them with metal, so that they could withstand the weight of a dragon.

In "King Burple", the Rescue Riders practiced catching falling objects at the Roost, using the Elbone Doll.

In "Charged Up", the Rescue Riders went to the Roost after a day of practicing. The next morning, Duggard arrived at the Roost and informed the Rescue Riders of two metallic dragon spikes he had found inside the Great Hall. The Riders then went outside the Roost and discovered that all their training gear had disappeared, so they headed to the village to investigate.

In "Belly Flop", Leyla prepared the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise at the Roost and asked Dak to hide it until Summer's birthday. The boy hid it under a bucket, where Haggis unfortunately found and ate the dish. Dak attempted to recreate the recipe in the Roost's kitchen, but to no avail.

In "Game of Horns", Dak and Leyla created a new training exercise at the Roost, which consisted of the dragons hitting targets with specific colors, so that they could practice acting under pressure. All the dragons but Burple succeeded, so they rested atop the pillars at the Roost. They soon heard a horn being blown from the village, so they left the Roost in order to see what was happening.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

Waldondo del Mundo paid the Rescue Riders a visit at the Roost so that he could ask them for a favor. However, they trapped him in a barrel and brought him to Marena instead.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing

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Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

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