"Over there!," yelled Sharpknife and Tuffnut Junior, turning their boat, The Raven.
  — Book 3  

The Raven is a ship briefly mentioned in How to Speak Dragonese of the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


There is no explicit description of The Raven or an image of this ship. It is implied, however, that the Hooligan novices in the Pirate Training Program paired off and built their own small boats. Sharpknife and Tuffnut Junior paired off and built The Raven during 'Shipbuilding' lessons. It is a single mast boat steered by oars, rather than a tiller.


How to Speak Dragonese

Sharpknife and Tuffnut sail The Raven during 'Boarding-an-Enemy-Ship' class. They maneuver toward some Peaceable fishing boat to board them, menace the fishermen, and take a helmet as a trophy.

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