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This is the transcript page for "The Nest", complete with full dialogues and actions.


(A revolving shot showing the view of Huttsgalor)

Winger: (v.o.) This is Huttsgalor. A quiet little village way out on the edge of the Viking empire. Not much ever happened here, until we showed up."

(The Rescue Riders flying in formation)

Winger: (v.o.) We're the Rescue Riders and how we ended up here now that's a story.


(The Rescue Riders flying in stormy weather)

Winger: (v.o.) It all started six months in the worst storm we'd ever seen. We were trying to get a Wave Glider egg back to its nest.

(Cutter holding the egg in his claws)

(Leyla flies on Summer towards Burple)

Burple: Why would any dragon put its nest way out here?

Leyla: Wave Gliders put their eggs on sea stacks so they can see an enemy coming from far away.

(Dak riding Winger)

Dak: I guess they didn't count on a giant storm like this blowing one of their eggs into the sea.

Cutter: Good thing I spotted it.

(Cutter flying with the egg with Winger and Dak beside him)

Winger: Now if we could just find the sea stack with the nest.

Cutter: I'll go up and take a look.

(Cutter flies up)

Summer: Wait, Cutter, no! Stay down out of the wind!

(Cutter gets blown by the strong wind and drops the egg)

Cutter: Oh, no!

(Winger and Dak try to catch the egg but Dak slides and falls to the side of Winger's saddle as the egg keeps falling)

Winger: We got it.

Dak: We don't got it

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