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      The Long Beach is a location on the Isle of Berk, first seen on the map in How to Train Your Dragon.


The Long beach is a long strip of presumably sandy shoreline to the North East of the Isle of Berk. It is a location with abundant sea birds and fish off the coastline.


How to Train Your Dragon (Book)

Gulls make their nests on the Long Beach and were disturbed when Hiccup and Fishlegs go there to practice dragon training.

The gulls' eggs were hatching on the rocks and the parent gulls dive-bombed Hiccup and Fishlegs when they came to the Long Beach to practice.
  — Book 1  

Later, Long Beach becomes one of the sites of the Thors'day Thursday Festival.

By the next morning the Long Beach was packed with stalls and jugglers and fortune tellers.
  — Book 1  

The Long Beach is also the site of the arrival of the Green Death and an Unnamed Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus.

The great storm lifted both Dragons gently from the sea bed like a couple of sleeping babies, and washed them on the swell of one indescribably enormous wave onto the Long Beach, outside Hiccup's village.
  — Book 1  

Shortly thereafter, the Long Beach became the site of the Unnamed Dragon's death, as the Green Death ate it.

How to Be a Pirate

After a mysterious floating coffin crashes into the ship the Novices are having lessons on and sinks it, Gobber and the Novices wash ashore on the Long Beach, along with the coffin.

How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

Stoick waits in the rain on the Long Beach for the return of Hiccup and Camicazi, who took off on the 'Quest for the Frozen Potato' against his wishes.

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