The Fire Tides is a planned third post-How to Train Your Dragon 2 graphic novel. It will continue the story of Dragonvine.


The Fire Tides is yet to be approved for publication, but its title and story are already settled.[3]

Due to delays with production of the first two graphic novels, The Serpent's Heir and Dragonvine, the third graphic novel project was shelved[4].

Co-author Richard Hamilton and Dean DeBlois had planned to add multiple lead-ins to the third film, such as explaining what happened to Berk's allies,[5] as well as flashbacks involving Valka's time away from Berk and her family[4] along with other things.


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  • According to co-author Richard Hamilton in an October 2018 interview, The Fire Tides will not be released before How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is released, and at present there are no plans to work on and release this project. It is Mr. Hamilton's hope that DreamWorks Animation and Dark Horse Comics will consider releasing it after the third movie comes out.[1][4]
  • If the novel is never published, Richard said there would still be a good chance of its material being absorbed into other DreamWorks media, such as one of the games.[2]


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