The Eel Plague is a mini-comic that appeared in the special magazine, "Ultimate Dragon Trainer's Guide".


The Dragon Riders decide to go out on training maneuvers from Dragon's Edge. Hiccup takes along the Dragon Eye, in case they come across any new dragons. During maneuvers, the Dragon Eye falls into a shallow area of sea at Dragon's Edge. They attempt to pull it out, but the water is infested with eels. Fishlegs recalls that Typhoomerangs eat eels, so the Riders set out to Eel Island to find one. After flying all night, the Riders arrive. When Hiccup and Fishlegs land, they are immediately chased away by a pack of Speed Stingers. Meatlug and Toothless swoop in and fly them away. They land on a nearby island, where Fishlegs inadvertently finds a Typhoomerang. After some antics to assure the Dragon that the Riders mean no harm, the Typhoomerang accompanies the Riders back to Dragon's Edge, where it feasts on eels and retrieves the Dragon Eye.




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