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[all coughing]


Fishlegs: Hiccup! Astrid went to pick up Gothi.

Fishlegs: She'll meet us at the academy.

Hiccup: Oh, good. All right, bud.

Hiccup: Let's go.

Hiccup: You ready, gang?

Snotlout: Ready to leave Berk during an outbreak of eel pox?

Snotlout: Hmm, let me think, let me think, let me think.

Snotlout: I'd say that's a big fat "yes."

Tuffnut: The sooner, the better. I do not want to get sick.

Ruffnut: And if he gets sick, I get sick.

Tuffnut: You do?

Ruffnut: Yeah, we're twins.

Tuffnut: So wait.

Tuffnut: If I slap myself, then would you feel it?

Ruffnut: Definitely.

Ruffnut:Give it a try.

Tuffnut: [laughs] Cool.

Tuffnut: [grunts] Ow!

Ruffnut: Do it again.

Tuffnut: [grunts]

Tuffnut: [groans]

Ruffnut: Do it again, harder.

Tuffnut: Gladly.

Ruffnut: [grunting] Uh, didn't feel that one.

Tuffnut: Here.

[both groan]

Tuffnut: Oh...

Ruffnut: Do it again.

Hiccup: Guys, please.

Tuffnut: Ow!

Hiccup: We need to leave for Healer's island as soon as Astrid gets back.

Stoick: Hiccup! [coughing]

Hiccup: Dad, you should be resting up at the great hall.

Stoick: [coughing] Nonsense.

Snotlout: [sneezes] Aah! Oh, no!

Stoick: I won't be grounded by the sniffles.

Stoick: [sneezes] Whoa! Okay.

Astrid: We've got the list of ingredients, and it's a big one.

Hiccup: Well, then we better get moving.

Hiccup: That medicine isn't gonna make itself.

Stoick: [groans]

Stoick: Should be going with you.

Stoick: Ah-choo!

Hiccup: Dad, Berk needs a healthy chief, not a sick dragon rider.

Hiccup: We can handle this.

Stoick: [coughing] All right.

Stoick: I'll stay here with the rest of the invalids.

Stoick: Be safe, Hiccup.

Hiccup: When am I not safe?

Hiccup: Uh, don't answer that!

Hiccup: Okay, gang, we've got a lot of ground to cover.

Hiccup: Let's get to work.

Hiccup: Buckthorn root.

Snotlout: [grunts]

Snotlout: [screams]

Hiccup: Lightly roasted.

Snotlout: Hookfang...

Hiccup: A dozen rock blossoms.

Fishlegs: Hmm, 12 rocks for 12 rock blossoms.

Hiccup: One handful of goat weed.

Hiccup: One wild daga plant.

Tuffnut: [grunting]

Tuffnut: There's got to be an easier... oof!

Tuffnut: [grunts] Way to do th...

Tuffnut: Ouch! Ow! Ow!

Ruffnut: [giggling]

Hiccup: Think that's everything, right?

Fishlegs: She says the last item isn't on Healer's Island.

Fishlegs: The key ingredient for curing eel pox is a Bloodbane Eel.

Fishlegs: Where do we find one of those?

Tuffnut: Well, great. 'Cause we're not gonna be able to search the whole ocean this afternoon.

Tuffnut: We need at least a long weekend for that, you know?

Tuffnut: Maybe even into Monday night.

Tuffnut: [grunts, groans]

Fishlegs: She says, "don't interrupt."

Fishlegs: We have to head North to...

Fishlegs: [gasps] Eel Island.

Astrid: Our dragons would never go near Eel Island.

Astrid: They're terrified of eels.

Hiccup: You're right. Toothless and I will go alone.

[Toothless groans]

Hiccup: I know, bud.

Hiccup: Eels aren't your favorite, but you're the fastest dragon.

Hiccup: We'll find this eel, and be back to Berk in no time.

Hiccup: No problem.

Fishlegs: Um, good luck.

Astrid: Wait, Hiccup!

Astrid: You've got all the other... [sighs] ingredients.

Fishlegs: Ah, don't worry. He'll be back before we are.

[Scene shifts to Hiccup and Toothless]

Hiccup: That's it. Eel Island.

Hiccup: Let's get a closer look, bud.

Hiccup: Oh, eels. That was quick.

Hiccup: Wow, this place sure lives up to its name.

Hiccup: Whoa, Toothless, I-I know you don't like these guys, but we need to do this.

Hiccup: Now, if I can just hook one...


Hiccup: Whoa!

[Toothless growls]

[Eels chirping]






Are you okay?

Most dragons never even touch eels.

You just ate one.

Hiccup: Hey, Toothless, it's all... it's all right.

Come on, let me just get a look at you.


[voice distorted] Let me just... just need to check you out.

Come on, don't do this. [roars]

Hiccup: Bud, come back!



Do you have the ingredients?

Uh, Hiccup has them.

Well, where is he?

I don't know! He should be here.

He went off to get the last ingredient.


Well, we have to find him.

We won't be able to stand this eel pox much longer.

The fever, it makes it hard to think straight.


Where's my little Gobber?

Great Aunty Rose wants to give him a big kiss.

[smooching] See what I mean?

Uh, yeah. We'll find him, sir.

I promise.

Ooh, you better wear a wrap so you don't catch cold, dearies.

Would you stop that?

Ooh, you've got a wee smudge, darling.

Ah! Gobber.


[birds chirping]

[birds chirp and caw]

[fly buzzes loudly]


[sounds increase in volume]


Hey, bud.


It's okay, bud. I can help you.

[growling] Hey, easy there.

You're okay.



All right, that was big, and incredibly dangerous.

No wonder you guys go easy on the eels.


Okay, six-shot limit.

That was four. [roars]


Oh, five!



And that makes six.

Whew! Let's not do that again, okay?

Well, maybe now we can figure out how to fix...


Seven shots? Are you kidding me?


[groans] No. Hiccup's not back yet.

You sure? 'Cause I-I could use some of that...

[coughing and gagging] medicine.

Wait, you guys are sick too?

I'm j-j-j-f-f-fine.


J-j-just peachy.

[sneezes] We can't send them out again.

It's too dangerous.

Gothi and I will get everything ready for when you get back.


Wait, get back from where?

Fishlegs, you're going to find Hiccup.

On Eel island? Great.

[laughs] Great! That's just perfect.

Eh... maybe... maybe the fever is kicking back in, but I think I just saw a guy fly off on a dragon!

[laughing] A dragon!

I mean, how crazy would that be?


Where am I? Who are each of you?


[Hiccup exclaiming]

Uh, okay. That one was a little close to the one good leg.

[whooshing sound]


[screams, grunts]

[growls, burbles]




[brush rustling]




[sighs] Fishlegs!

Boy, am I glad to see you.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Uh, where... where's Toothless?

And what did all that?

That would be Toothless.

And who was he fighting?

Uh, mostly me.

Also, himself a little bit.

Welcome to Eel island!

Well, did you find any eels?

We did... including the one that ended up in Toothless' stomach.

He ate... an eel?


And it's not agreeing with him either.

What are you doing?

I'm building a netter trap.

You really think this net's gonna hold Toothless?

Well, if it doesn't, Meatlug can always sit on him.

She can hear you, you know.

[Meatlug snoring]

Long day.

I don't know how much worse things can get.

I do. Pretty worse, actually.

The ingredients for Gothi's eel pox cure are still in Toothless' saddlebag, and I do not even want to tell you what's going on back in the village.

And while they sit there all warm and cozy, who stokes their fires and fills their fish barrels, huh?

Who defends the village from the enemy, while these so-called "warriors"

cower in their great hall?

And do they give you loyal dragon workers any support?

Any respect?

Any rights?

Nay, says I.

They cast you aside... [grunts] like common animals.

Well, no more!

[shrieks] Oh, no!


Well, here's hoping that works.

We'd better get in the air and see if we can track Toothless down.

Hey, Fishlegs, does that clearing look familiar at all?

That's... that's a Typhoomerang mark!

The only dragon that eats eels.

Oh, well, that makes sense.

It... it's the perfect habitat for them, really.

I bet there's tons of wild Typhoomerangs here.

And that's bad. Really bad.

C-c-come, my brothers in flames.


Let us join hands, hooves, and talons, and take what is rightfully ours!



[weakly] Can somebody please get me a blanket?

Hiccup, you said Toothless' skin felt warm, right?

Yeah, plus he's got what you might call an explosive cough.

Okay, put all that together, and it sounds a lot like...

Eel pox! I wonder... if eels cure the pox in people, maybe they cause it in dragons.


So if we give Toothless the medicine, maybe that'll counteract the eel.

That's kind of stretching it.

If you've got a better idea, I'm open.

Nope. Stretch away, my friend.


There! On the cliffs!

All right. Get me in close, but be careful.

He can't control where he fires.

Uh, Hiccup, you got a sec?

Uh, busy. Can it wait?

It could, it could.

But I don't think it will.




[both roaring]

Fly us over Toothless!

Meatlug, spew!

Meet me in the clearing.

Where are you going?

I'm getting my dragon back. Just keep that big guy busy.

Fishlegs and Meatlug... against a Typhoomerang?

Does that really seem fair to you?

Nope. The Typhoomerang doesn't stand a chance!


I'm not lettin' go, bud.

Like it or not, you're stuck with me.


[screams] Whoo! That was close.

[screams] Stay... stay away!



Okay, that's going to be an issue.






Thor, if you're listening, I could really use Astrid's help right now.

Aah! Or Snotlout's.

Aah! Or the twins'.

Seriously, I will even take the twins.

One, two, three!

[coughs] How fascinating.

Oh, dear sister, our hypothesis appears to be correct.

The air offers a much greater resistance to the falling motion of the feather than it does to the rock.

Remarkable. Shall we increase our sample size?

[coughs] What say you?

We shall!

I propose we try dropping a large yak alongside a normal-sized dragon rider.

[gasps] Why, sister, that is brilliant.

And I'm a normal-sized dragon rider.

What luck!

Aha! I'm off to find a suitable yak.

Both: Science! [both coughing]



[Hiccup grunting]

This would be a lot easier if you would just... slow down.


Oh, would you look at that? Out of shots, huh?

Whoa! Whoa, whoa!

Whoa! [laughs]

Whoa! [screams]

Okay, we've had enough.

Looks like it's time for the "gale force Gronckle."

Hit it, girl!

Gale force Gronckle... oh-oh-oh!



Whew. Attagirl.

Okay. Oh...

Give me a second for my insides to catch up with my outsides.

That's why we don't do that one too often.

Now, let's go get Hiccup.

Ugh! You know, I-I actually remember when this was easy.


Toothless, if you're in there, we're about to...




I know. I'm sorry about that.

Just relax, bud, you're gonna be okay.

Toothless, no!


All right, Fishlegs! I can't believe that actually worked.

Careful, Hiccup. He might shoot.

No, he won't.

You're okay.

[distorted voice] You're just a little sick, bud.

But we may have a way to fix that.


Here goes nothin'.





Did it work?

I'm... not entirely sure.




Ah, great.


There's the Toothless I know.

Welcome back, bud.


Um... while I love the reunion, perhaps we should finish it back on Berk.

I couldn't possibly agree with you more.


'Scuse me. Uh, you should be indoors, young lady.

You'll catch your death of cold in this weather.

Hiccup, you're okay!

Yeah, we both are.


[slurring] We were so close to uniting our people.

We could have had it all, you and me.

We could've been kings among men and dragons.

[chitters] And now look at us. What have we got, huh?

Nothing. Nothing!


Ahh! Oh, no!

Make his a double dose.

Everyone, we've had a breakthrough.

Ruffnut has determined that if you boil yak milk, you can freeze it on a stick and dip it in a variety of tasty flavorings, including coconut.

I call it "Ruff cream."

Hold on. I thought it was "Tuff cream."

We talked about this. In the other room you said it could be Tuff cream. Now, did I mishear you, or are you pulling the wool over my eyes, madam?

And a triple dose for those two muttonheads.

Ugh! Who would freeze perfectly good milk?

Never heard of anything so barbaric in my life.

I'm noting the skittish behavior, the fever, and the out-of-control firepower.

Well, now we know why most dragons won't eat eels.

It makes them really sick.

Except Typhoomerangs. That's why they live on Eel island.

And that's why we're never going back to Eel island.

Oh, thank Thor.

Hey, Fishlegs?

Yes, Hiccup.

Thank you.

I don't know what we would've done without you.

Both of you.


Group hug, Meatlug.

Oh! [grunts]

[grunts] Oh, isn't this great?


[strained voice] Oh, yeah. It's great.

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