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The Thawfest Games are Viking games that have been held for years on Berk.


Originally, the Thawfest Games consisted of three events. Once the Vikings and Dragons made peace, three events that were created specifically for Dragons were added. To compete in the Thawfest Games, a contestant must be a young Viking.

According to School of Dragons, in addition to including dragons in the games, players outside of Berk are also allowed to participate.


In the Thawfest Games, There are three events that determine strength;

1. The Sheep Lug

  • Contestants carry his/her sheep on their back to the finishing line.

2. Axe Throwing

  • In this event, contestants are required to throw an axe at targets, barrels with rings on it, as accurately as they can.

3. The Log Roll

  • Contestants must run on a suspended, rotating log without falling off.

After the Dragons made peace with the Vikings, three additional events were added to the Thawfest games.

1. The Fly and Shoot

  • This event requires Dragons and their Riders to fly straight and shoot straighter. Numerous targets pop out in front of the contestant and they are either friend or foe. Their task is to identify them correctly and shoot their enemies.

2. The Freestyle

  • The Rider and their Dragon are asked to perform a trick of their choice to impress the judges.

3. The Hurdles

  • During this event, Dragons and their Riders are asked to fly under numerous large hurdles.

The Tiebreaker/The Obstacle Course Race

In the event of three wins by two contestants each, riders and their dragons are to complete an obstacle course. Throughout the first half of the event, contestants have to navigate over the log dodge, in which they must avoid all the rolling logs while going up a ramp from the stadium floor, and clear the cliff climb, where they must complete a climb scaling a rocky cliff, while large boulders are thrown down at them from above. During the second half of the event, riders must get on their dragons (who are waiting on the top of the cliff), and loop around Berk's flag ship anchored off the coast. They must then navigate their way through the sea stack maze, and finally, return to the stadium and cross the finish line.


In "Thawfest", according to Snotlout and his father Spitelout Jorgenson, the Jorgenson family have won Thawfest every year, and no previous Jorgenson had come close to losing the Thawfest Games.


  • The Thawfest Games are likely inspired by the bi-annual Olympic Games.

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