Write the abbreviation of the episode and then the state of the appearance.

  • yes = Appears ⟶ Subject appears in the episode. If a character, must have a specific role and/or a spoken line.
  • back = Background ⟶ Subject appears in the background. If a character, does not have lines.
  • voice = Voice Only ⟶ Character's voice is heard, but character does not appear.
  • m = Mentioned ⟶ Subject is mentioned directly or indirectly by a character, but does not appear.
  • p = Pictured ⟶ Subject can be seen in a still picture, but does not appear.

If the subject is both mentioned and pictured, "mentioned" should take priority.



  • LALF=Live and Let Fly
  • TIG=The Iron Gronckle
  • NATF=The Night and the Fury
  • TV=Tunnel Vision
  • RTFI=Race to Fireworm Island
  • FOP=Fright of Passage
  • WIS=Worst in Show
  • AFD=Appetite for Destruction
  • ZD=Zippleback Down
  • VTASP1=A View to a Skrill, Part 1
  • VTASP2=A View to a Skrill, Part 2
  • TFS=The Flight Stuff
  • FS=Free Scauldy
  • FRO=Frozen
  • TOTD=A Tale of Two Dragons
  • TEE=The Eel Effect
  • SGIYE=Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  • BBB=Bing! Bam! Boom!
  • COP1=Cast Out, Part 1
  • COP2=Cast Out, Part 2






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