It's no wonder Stoick took such a liking to this breed. [src]
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Tectonic Thunderdrums are a group of Thunderdrums appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Tectonic Thunderdrums earn their name from their uncanny ability to cause landslides and earthquakes with their roars. The roars echo off the nearby mountains, causing vibrations that trigger epic changes in the landscape.
At least Tectonic Thunderdrums are consistent. They solve all of their problems by yelling. Territorial disputes, food rights, and nesting areas are all resolved by furious shouting matches!
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Physical Appearance

Tectonic Thunderdrums' color scheme consists of varying shades of red and orange. A crimson coloration goes from their snouts to their tails, including the row of spines along their tails and spikes all over their backs.

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