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Tap Dragon Drop was a video game designed by PikPok and Sidhe, and released in iTunes on May 3, 2012. It is no longer available for purchase or play.


This is Berk… where a great storm has struck the Viking village and sheep are now scattered throughout the land! Save the day by using your wits and new Dragon friends to solve puzzles throughout the dangerously funny, sheep-unfriendly world of Berk!
Tap, Drag and Drop your Dragon’s powerful abilities to rescue the flock. Use catapults, drawbridges and much more to your advantage as you explore the breath-taking Dragon world.
  — Game Introduction[1]  

Game Play

The player must direct Toothless and Hiccup around Berk and safely gather all the sheep. This can be accomplished by having Toothless move things like tree trunks or rocks, use catapults, burn down obstacles, roar to get the sheep moving, or other skills. The sheep can get injured, so they must be round up safely in order to advance to the next level.



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