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These are Tangle Vines. The strongest plant in the world. Your blasts only make them tighten more! [src]

Tangle Vine is a plant that first appeared in the episode "Slobber Power"


Tangle Vine is a flowering plant that prefers dense forest environments and rocky area to grow over and climb up. It is composed of thick rope-like vines, with leaves emerging sparsely over their lengths. The flower of the Tangle Vine is very ornate, with six pointed outer petals in a gradient of colors, and four cupped, creamy yellow inner petals.

It is unclear whether the Tangle Vine is a carnivorous plant or not. The vines are very reactive to the presence of warm bodies near them, and can move with swiftness, tangling its prey tightly in the vines. Movement and attack of the vines causes them to wrap tighter. The vines are also extremely tough and resilient, able to withstand a variety of dragon attacks and sharp objects. Only acid appears to weaken the plant enough at focal points to snap the vine.


There is no known function for the Tangle Vine, and is best avoided by humans and dragons alike.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

The Tangle Vine features in the episode "Slobber Power". Elbone sees the beautiful flower and wants to harvest it, but gets himself and some of the Rescue Riders tangled in the vines instead. None of their blasts are effective against it. Cutter brings along a baby Slobber Smelter when attempting to free his friends, and discovers that the Slobber Smelter's acidic drool can weaken the vine.

Season 2

In "Game of Horns", during the Race of Doom of the titular event, both Magnus Finke and Duggard the Decisive had to cross Thornbane Valley. While Magnus had no problem due to his Mechano-Dragon easily avoiding the Tangle Vine, Duggard was slowed down when the plant caught Burple's feet. The Rockspitter got rid of the Tangle Vine and continued the race.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

Erik the Wretched and his crew encountered a patch of Tangle Vine while they were searching for the Golden Dragon inside a cave on an Unnamed Island. The plant attacked the humans, dragging them deeper into the cave. Erik was able to save his crew by using his hammer to weaken the Tangle Vine.


  • The Tangle Vine is very similar in appearance and behavior to the poisonous Dragonvine.

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